Checking in!!

Hey everyone!

Been a few weeks since I’ve updated on my weightloss journey!
I’ve managed to stick to my weighing in once a week and since 1st September I’ve lost 7lbs.

It feels frustrating to loose 1lb a week each week, but looking back and it’s now 7lbs I’m delighted and I saw a weight today (11st 11lbs) that I haven’t seen in over 6 months. My goal is to keep on the same level of loss until Christmas, which will bring me to 11 stone.

I gained 1lb last week after a tough emotional weekend, my sisters 4th anniversary came around and I went out with my parents for a very indulgent meal with too much wine, hard to believe it’s 4 years since she passed away, time is going so fast!!

This morning I was down 2.5lbs. I think the fact I’m back walking after the recent foot injury has helped, I’m getting on average 2.5-3 miles each day and feeling the benefit mentally too!!

Off now to search for inspiration for pork mince for dinner but here’s a photo of me at my friends wedding 2 weeks ago, in a dress I didn’t think would ever fit me again!


Weekly weight and injuries

My second weekly weigh in and I’m 2lbs down. So that’s 5lbs off since my new leaf, it’s getting easier than ever to not give in to the temptation of standing up on the scales every day!!

A long way to go to get back to even the weight I was this time last year (a stone less than now!!) but I feel positive and encouraged by my new found determination.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to go to my workouts at Crossfit because I fell over during a workout 3 weeks and ended up with an avulsion fracture on my right ankle 😦
It’s been frustrating to be injured again but after 3 weeks now I’m back walking again properly (albeit very slowly and not without considerable lain) and seeing a physio but I’ve a few more weeks wait before I can work out again!

In the meantime I’ve been shopping for clothes that fit me now, that I feel good in, got my hair redone and freshened up and have been doing lots of cooking and baking with the little men.

I’l leave you today with this gorgeous recipe and helpful tutorial for a simple, easy but sooo tasty lemon and orange cake. Tutorial is by my friend, the lovley Soraya over at Coze Di Roze
Check out the site for great quality and affordable clothes, some of which are also fair trade, not to mention easy to wear and look great!

Click here for recipe:
St Clements Drizzle Cake


One small step….off the scales!!!


Last week, on Thursday morning, 10 days ago, to be precise, I took the batteries out of my weighing scales.

The scales that I stood ok every.single.morning (after going to the loo and no clothes on naturally). And every morning I would get upset. So I would do it again every night before bed, so I could judge how bad the morning weigh in would be.

And THEN I PAID to go once a week to get weighed by someone else!! And I’d gain or loose the same 3/4 pound, for 2 years, and leave miserable, and binge eat on the way home.

So, as I said in the last post, something changed. Something had started and I don’t know what it is.

I weighed myself on Thursday morning then I took out the batteries.
Then, I celebrated my wonderful, empowering step by having lunch out with my beloved nana, I had curry, extra veg; no rice and pinched a few of nana’s chips.

I met my friend and her gorgeous daughter and we went for a walk and had coffee and cake.

And I went out for dinner with my husband, had 2 glasses of red wine, starter and a delicious risotto.

Then I came home and went to bed. I didn’t weigh myself. I knew I couldn’t. I had given the batteries to himself with strict instructions to keep them for a week.

I woke up the next morning and didn’t weigh myself. I looked at the scales, it occurred to me to search for the batteries but I didn’t.

Writing it down and even talking about this ridiculously unhealthy habit has made me realise how free I feel not weighing myself every day.

I need to work on my self-image and stop hating my reflection but now I don’t depress myself every morning.

If you are a slave to the scales, I hope this entry may help you realise it Dosen’t have to control your life.

So I will leave you with this image and recipe, because now I bake with my son without guilt – I just have to not eat the entire batch!!

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies


Scientific Weighing In, sort of..


In my last post, I wondered how much a plaster cast weighed, well, in the interest of research purposes, 5 days ago, when I was getting the cast off to get stitches out, the nurse asked me if I wanted to keep any of it…..I thought asking for ALL of it might be slightly crazy….so I said no, then he suggested I keep the bit signed by my buddy, so I did!

I don’t think it’s at all crazy (ok, maybe just a little bit) that I weighed this bit…and it weighed a quarter of a pound! I reckon, it would have fit into the whole cast maybe 20 times, so, that means the cast weighs about 5lbs, I will have an awesome weight loss when I finally get it off!!

All of this research was no good however, when I weighed in this morning and stayed the same as last week, (and I thought the new cast would be lighter!) I think perhaps my cousins birthday party (pics in a post soon of cake! And the wine on Friday and Saturday were my downfall!)

On the food side, I have become a little bit obsessed with having blueberries in salads, they just taste so delish with salad dressing and I’ve been having roast chicken, greens, sunflowers seeds and blueberries, and grilled salmon, with microwave steam pack of veg (birds eye) each with reduced fat honey mustard dressing. Simple, easy, yum.