Weigh in 31 and 32

Last week was my last weigh in while in “the boot”. I was up 1lb. That was ok with me though I’d had a bold weekend with too many treats and takeaways and some wine too!!

This week I went to class while at home in Donegal on our family holiday and was delighted to be down 1/2 pound! Considering I’d had a small 99 icecream just an hour before going to class I was delighted!!

It’s great to be at this stage of my “foot journey” and while I’m still tender and sore and have a lot of physio work ahead the consultant has discharge me he is very happy with my recovery!

Last week I did a date night dinner for myself and himself. After standing taking the skin off chicken wings for nearly an hour – my god what a chore!!! I discovered later that it is possible to buy skinless wings in tesco so I will be looking them out because as tedious as the job was – it was totally worth it they were delish!! I hate when I get wings and the skin is in anyway soggy or not totally dried up anyway!!

I used Franks Hot Sauce after cooking them in the actifryer and they were spicy and crisp and best of all – syn free!!

I also made the chicken liver parfait from the new Slimming World book for entertaining and it is fabulous!! I halved the recipe and left out the brandy and it was so, so good!! I served it with whole meal Melba toasts I made myself but it would be equally good on cracker breads. I made the red onion marmalade to go with it and wasn’t sure at the end to keep the onions or the liquid…so I blended them together and it became a delicious relish!!

The fries were inspired by the lovely rosemary fries at GBK restaurants- again using actifryer, spray oil, fresh rosemary and sea salt – very more ish!
The garlic dip is fat free natural yoghurt with garlic – simple and yum!!

Served with some fresh vine cherry tomatoes and some rocket – a syn free feast that was impressive and delicious and worth the effort.

Now, if only someone could invent a syn free wine 😉


Weigh in 30

The return of the moonboot!!!


The final step in the saga of my foot!!! As some of you readers may remember, in July last year I damaged my foot, an injury known as an “unstable Lisfrance Fracture”, apparantly very hard to do by merely falling over trying to remove ones welly boots….
24 weeks in plaster, 18 of those non-weight bearing and a lot of physio later brings me to this month and removal of the 5 screws that were left in since surgery in July (they removed the pins in August)
So, I’m back in the dreaded AirCast for 2/3 weeks but hopefully with physio il be back to normal very soon, I may never run again but il be happy with a brisk walk!!!!

Which leads me to my most recent weigh-in yesterday. I had missed 3 weeks and I tried to stay reasonably on track. So I was delighted to be down 1.5lbs and get a 1/2 stone sticker! Also saw a new number on the scale 11stone 6lbs and a little closer to goal!

I’ll be back soon with a new recipe and in the meantime here’s a very diet unfriendly cake I made for a friend recently 🙂


Weigh in 28 and 29


I forgot to update last week, I was up 1.5lbs, I’m surprised it wasn’t worse after a celebratory week of cakes, and more cakes! Junior 2 was the big 1 year old last week and we had 2 parties! The first, a cupcake class for 4 of Junior 1’s friends and cake of course (will blog about the cakes again), then a family gathering on saturday with more goodies and more cake of course!! And THEN a party for a friend this weekend with you guessed it, more cake. I love cake.

Today, feeling slightly delicate after seeing a band last night and having a cider or two too many, I wasn’t feeling like cooking so I decided to try this packet of Knorr Pastaria Pasta Bolognese. At 4.5 syns for the entire package, which is supposed to serve 2 (I ate it all) it is worth every syn and really tasty. I’m not a fan of the “mugshot” thingies, I think they taste fake and bland but I have to say – this is lovely and I will get a couple to have in the press for emergencies.



Last week, I had my first adventure with Quorn Mince. I’ve never even tasted it, never mind cooking with it before! I can report that my first foray was sucessful, I made a rich red wine sauce, with onion, pepper, a grated carrot, onion, rosemary, thyme, 2 glasses of red wine, well reduced and some passatta. I added the quorn, simmered for 10 mins and stirred it into spaghetti and topped with parmesan. Hubbie ate every scrap and was astonished when I told him what he had eaten – he didn’t notice it wasn’t mince! I will absolutely use this again to try and have a few more “meat free” dinners during the week.




A little while ago, I blogged a review of Glad Ziplock Steam Bags. I have been using them very regularly, my favourite use being corn on the cob, with a little butter, chilli and oregano in the bag with the corn – delish!

However, on a rainy day recently, a movie was called for and Junior 1 asked (demanded) popcorn! I read somewhere that you can pop kernals in a brown paper bag, I had no brown paper bag, but I did have a stash of the Steam Bags so we had an experiment. Junior thought it was hilarious watching the corn popping and it turned out to work very well, I put in a tablespoon of butter (naughty) and added salt after (even bolder). Delish and the perfect amount for us to share too!

Weigh in 27

So, back to class today after 2 weeks off to face the scales and the inevitable gain that 2 weeks off will bring!

Well I was astonished!! Only 1/2 pound up!!! All that working in the first week and all the walking around London and dancing in bars must have helped prevent disaster!

I did come home on Monday morning, I straight to the supermarket and stock up on fresh veg and fruit and the butchers for lean meat and have been almost angelic since!

I am retiring for the evening now with my food diary (notebook), slimming world book and the new Cookbook ” “A Taste


Weigh in 26

This week – a gain, of 1lb, I was dissappointed but also realistic, in truth i hadn’t been trying all that hard and I did have too many Captain Morgan Spiced Rum possibly followed by a burger and chips on the way home. I deserved to be up a pound, next week il be down!!!

In my usual fashion however, I got on a sulk and stormed home annoyed with myself and craving boldness. I nearly agreed to getting a takeaway delivered!!!!

However, I calmed myself down, remembered I had defrosted some fillet steaks and I got to preparing our dinner. I google some recipes and came up with the following recipe for Pepper Cream Sauce, it is absolutely gorgeous. So nice that I made double and had leftovers with grilled chicken last night!!! It was even spicier after a day in the fridge though so be careful!

Black PepperCream Sauce

Serves 4

1 onion, sliced (I used 2 as I like lots of onion with steak)
2 cloves garlic minced
350mls chicken stock
1 tablespoon crushed black pepper (I used 1.5, it was very spicy!!)
1 tablespoon worchestershire sauce
3 tablespoons fat free fromage frais

– in a pan, bring the onions and garlic to the boil with the stock
– reduce heat and add pepper and worchestershire, simmer for 10 mins until slightly reduced
– take off the heat and leave for 1 minute then stir in the fromage frais

– I served this over fillet steak with oven baked chips, it is the nicest pepper sauce I’ve ever made and I’ve tried a lot
Of recipes!!


Weigh in 25

I skipped last week.
After a Hen Weekend and taking a few days off to recover, I couldn’t face the class knowing I would be up, not a terribly healthy attitude, I know, but I was feeling low anyway and being up would have finished me off!
So Wednesday last week should have been weigh in day, I had one last off day and gave myself a talking to and for back on track on Thursday.

It paid off because I was down 1/2 pound yesterday!! Not much, but enough to be in the right direction and re-focus me. I stayed to class and left feeling motivated again.

My BMI is still too high so I’ve a ways to go but I’m getting there! Now it’s lent I’ve decided to give up chocolate, and try to increase my exercise (I managed a 40 minute walk on Tuesday, the longest I’ve managed since breaking my foot last July!!)


I’m off now to visit a friend with a new baby boy, can’t wait for a newborn cuddle! I’ve made a batch of Scones and will be treating myself to one or two!!


Weigh in 22 & 23

I’ve just realised I forgot to write up last week’s weight in!

I was 1.5lbs down 🙂 bringing the loss this year (as in, since January 1st) to 4lbs, therefore ridding the Christmas indulgence weight gain!

Today, I knew it was going to be bad, I had a horrendous week last week, very bad news, a very difficult funeral and then after funeral, on the same day, a christening with lunch out, and too much wine!
On Sunday we had a family meal out as my brother moved to Scotland on Monday!
I didn’t even try to be good I have to admit and so I was up 1lbs today, really I deserved more!

I saw these today in the supermarket And bought a pack to try – I think they will be super handy for salmon, vegetables, etc. I may even start freezing vegetables chopped In portions in them to just throw into the microwave for a quick side dish…or baby potatoes with herbs…..endless possibilities!


Weigh in 21

1st weigh in since the back-to-Christmas-class and I was down 2.5lbs!

Delighted and it was the boost I needed to feel more positive and keep on track!

Celebratory “fakeaway” dinner tonight of Taco Fries and a pack of these as my treat – 5 syns for the pack of 2 biscuits and they are delish!!


Weigh in 20

First weigh in post-Christmas season – 4lbs up!!! Ooops! I am just glad it’s not more and enjoying being back on track and making better food choices!!

I also went back to the pool to Aqua Fit for the first time since July when I broke my foot, and while some parts hurt my foot, I mostly enjoyed it and now I’m looking forward to the next class 🙂

I’ve copied and pasted the notes I keep on my iPhone from when I started trying to loose weight, up to the present to remind myself how far I’ve come!

27/3/12 – 14 stone 5lbs – Baby No.2 is born today!!!
1/4/12 – 13 stone 5lbs
3/4/12 – 13st 2lbs
4/4/12- 13st 1lbs
5/4/12 – 13st 0lbs
6/4/12 – 12st 13lbs
8/4/12 – 12st 12lbs
10/4/12- 12st 11lbs
11/4/12 -12st 9lbs
13/4/12 -12st 7lbs
18/4/12 -12st 5lbs
7/5/12 – 12st 10lbs (weekend at home)
9/5-12 – 12st 5lb
16/5/12 – walk & aqua fit
17/5/12 – 12st 9lbs
28/5/12 – 12st 7lbs
9/6/12 – 12 st 5 lbs – started shred
12:7:12- 12st 3lbs 🙂 (foot in air cast)
18/7/12 – 12st 2lbs air cast

29/7/12 – 12st 6lbs -with plaster cast ON
30/7/12 – 12st 4lbs (cast)

5/8/12 – 12 s 3lba (plaster cast)
19/8/12 – 12st 3lbs – cast on
28/8/12 -12 st. 2lbs – cast on

5/9/12 – 12st 1lbs – plaster cast OFF
9/9/12 – 11st 13lbs
13/9/12- 11st 11 lbs
23/9/12 – 11st 10lbs (pre pregnancy!!)
24/10/12 – 11st 9lbs
7/12/12 – 11st 8lbs
11/12/12 – 11st 7lbs

1/1/13 – 11st 12lbs – what a Christmas!!!
4/1/13 – 11st 10lbs

GOAL – 10st 10lbs

Weigh in 19, and some foody photos

This week I dithered a lot, would I, wouldn’t I go to class, was feeling wretched, sick AGAIN, on antibiotics and not being terribly dedicated to the programme.

Off I went, scarf around poor sore throat, water bottle in hand.

1lb down, woohoo!

Wasn’t the full 1.5 I had hoped to undo the previous bad week but it was enough to cheer me up and inspire me to make a sw friendly dinner (baked battered fish, onion rings, chips and pea purée) instead of my usual weigh in night blow-out!!


On Thursday, as my son was learning all about Thanksgiving I decided to enter into the spirit of it and I roasted a small turkey, made stuffing with wholemeal breadcrumbs, fried onions, garlic and herbs in fry light (no butter, horrors!!), mashed it all up with sausagemeat and into the bird.
It was delish! We had roasted carrots and parsnips, broccoli and roast potatoes and rich gravy.
Junior enjoyed his chicken and stuffing very much indeed 🙂

On Friday, we were bold and ordered Thai food.
On Saturday he was away, I ordered a pizza.

Today I was back in form and made delicious soup with stock from the turkey carcass, a butternut squash, half a cauliflower, half a broccoli, 1 large leek, 2 small onions, clove of garlic, pinch of mixed herbs, boil, blitz, bowl – lovely!

We had leftover turkey and stuffing with creamed leeks (sauté leeks until soft in a little water the off heat add a dollop of quark and stir, lovely)

The finale though was dessert. I’ve posted about the 1/2 syn roulade,well I’m never one to leave a recipe alone. I made half the recipe up and baked it and so the sponge part was cut into 6 squares, a 25g tub of chocolate Philadelphia zapped for 20 seconds to make it really spreadable and spread over each square, then bottom slice, a spoon of fat free raspberry yoghurt, and fresh raspberries, another layer of the sponges stuff, repeat, top layer same again but I added a squirt of squirty cream, which looked great but didn’t make much difference to the overall taste.

Even if you are not following slimming world, this is a great low fat dessert to try out!