Weigh in 13…and a Screw Loose

After a few weeks of not being good it’s caught up on me and I was up 3lbs this morning! I’m only surprised it wasn’t more of a gain! I was at a wedding on Friday and comfort ate my way through two days hangover!!


I’m now walking, sort of, I’m weight bearing after 12 weeks off my foot.

It’s a LOT harder and more painful than I expected! I thought I’d tolerate it better but my goodness the pains in parts of my foot that weren’t operated on is shocking – ankles, heel, all out of practice of carrying me around!!

It’s a positive step and I’ve got myself back in the good frame of mind and back on the Slimming World Wagon from tomorrow (it was meant to be today but a friend called with scones, and I’m feeling under the weather…but I was extra good for the rest of the day!)

I’l end this post with this photo of the X-ray of my foot after the surgery with all the pins and screws, the pins (longer straight ones) are out 2 weeks now and the screws will remain permanently….I wonder will I beep a airport security!!