First Class of 2014

Well, I bit the bullet, won the row with my inner lazy self and went to class today to face the Christmas food music. I attended the class in the Spawell in Tallaght today.

Stood on the scales, after removing coat, shoes, cardigan, scarf and earrings and closed my eyes.

Up 1lb!! Well I was delighted!!
I was pretty sick over the weekend with a stomach flu so that may have swayed the scales but hey! 3 weeks of indulgence and the little food conscience on my shoulder must have had more effect than I realised.

Tonight’s dinner was turkey curry! I ended up cooking an 18lb bird for myself, himself and the 2 juniors, 1 of which had weetabix for Christmas dinner so you can imagine the amount of leftovers!!

Here’s how I made the curry tonight and it was gorgeous!

Sinead’s Turkey Curry

1 red onion chopped
1 red (bell) pepper, sliced
2 tablespoons tikka curry powder (or your choice)
1 teaspoon each ground cumin, coriander and turmeric
150mls homemade gravy (this is optional, I had it frozen in small batches, just use a cube or a Knorr gravy pot)
Enough shredded turkey meat for 4 portions (I used white and darker meat)
1/2 jar passata

– sauté the onion and pepper for a few mins then add the spices and fry to release the flavours
– add the gravy (or stock) and passata
– stir in the meat and simmer for 10-15 mins.


Weigh in 21

1st weigh in since the back-to-Christmas-class and I was down 2.5lbs!

Delighted and it was the boost I needed to feel more positive and keep on track!

Celebratory “fakeaway” dinner tonight of Taco Fries and a pack of these as my treat – 5 syns for the pack of 2 biscuits and they are delish!!


Weigh in 20

First weigh in post-Christmas season – 4lbs up!!! Ooops! I am just glad it’s not more and enjoying being back on track and making better food choices!!

I also went back to the pool to Aqua Fit for the first time since July when I broke my foot, and while some parts hurt my foot, I mostly enjoyed it and now I’m looking forward to the next class 🙂

I’ve copied and pasted the notes I keep on my iPhone from when I started trying to loose weight, up to the present to remind myself how far I’ve come!

27/3/12 – 14 stone 5lbs – Baby No.2 is born today!!!
1/4/12 – 13 stone 5lbs
3/4/12 – 13st 2lbs
4/4/12- 13st 1lbs
5/4/12 – 13st 0lbs
6/4/12 – 12st 13lbs
8/4/12 – 12st 12lbs
10/4/12- 12st 11lbs
11/4/12 -12st 9lbs
13/4/12 -12st 7lbs
18/4/12 -12st 5lbs
7/5/12 – 12st 10lbs (weekend at home)
9/5-12 – 12st 5lb
16/5/12 – walk & aqua fit
17/5/12 – 12st 9lbs
28/5/12 – 12st 7lbs
9/6/12 – 12 st 5 lbs – started shred
12:7:12- 12st 3lbs 🙂 (foot in air cast)
18/7/12 – 12st 2lbs air cast

29/7/12 – 12st 6lbs -with plaster cast ON
30/7/12 – 12st 4lbs (cast)

5/8/12 – 12 s 3lba (plaster cast)
19/8/12 – 12st 3lbs – cast on
28/8/12 -12 st. 2lbs – cast on

5/9/12 – 12st 1lbs – plaster cast OFF
9/9/12 – 11st 13lbs
13/9/12- 11st 11 lbs
23/9/12 – 11st 10lbs (pre pregnancy!!)
24/10/12 – 11st 9lbs
7/12/12 – 11st 8lbs
11/12/12 – 11st 7lbs

1/1/13 – 11st 12lbs – what a Christmas!!!
4/1/13 – 11st 10lbs

GOAL – 10st 10lbs

Weigh in 19, and some foody photos

This week I dithered a lot, would I, wouldn’t I go to class, was feeling wretched, sick AGAIN, on antibiotics and not being terribly dedicated to the programme.

Off I went, scarf around poor sore throat, water bottle in hand.

1lb down, woohoo!

Wasn’t the full 1.5 I had hoped to undo the previous bad week but it was enough to cheer me up and inspire me to make a sw friendly dinner (baked battered fish, onion rings, chips and pea purée) instead of my usual weigh in night blow-out!!


On Thursday, as my son was learning all about Thanksgiving I decided to enter into the spirit of it and I roasted a small turkey, made stuffing with wholemeal breadcrumbs, fried onions, garlic and herbs in fry light (no butter, horrors!!), mashed it all up with sausagemeat and into the bird.
It was delish! We had roasted carrots and parsnips, broccoli and roast potatoes and rich gravy.
Junior enjoyed his chicken and stuffing very much indeed 🙂

On Friday, we were bold and ordered Thai food.
On Saturday he was away, I ordered a pizza.

Today I was back in form and made delicious soup with stock from the turkey carcass, a butternut squash, half a cauliflower, half a broccoli, 1 large leek, 2 small onions, clove of garlic, pinch of mixed herbs, boil, blitz, bowl – lovely!

We had leftover turkey and stuffing with creamed leeks (sauté leeks until soft in a little water the off heat add a dollop of quark and stir, lovely)

The finale though was dessert. I’ve posted about the 1/2 syn roulade,well I’m never one to leave a recipe alone. I made half the recipe up and baked it and so the sponge part was cut into 6 squares, a 25g tub of chocolate Philadelphia zapped for 20 seconds to make it really spreadable and spread over each square, then bottom slice, a spoon of fat free raspberry yoghurt, and fresh raspberries, another layer of the sponges stuff, repeat, top layer same again but I added a squirt of squirty cream, which looked great but didn’t make much difference to the overall taste.

Even if you are not following slimming world, this is a great low fat dessert to try out!


Weigh in 16

2nd class was during the week and I expected the worst after a very bold, very over indulgent weekend with way too much alcohol but I was surprised to be up only 1/2 pound!

Back on track from Thursday and from today have decided to try and stay off alcohol until Christmas!!

On the upside – I am finally, 4 months (less 2 days) after my lis-franc injury (fractured 4 metatarsals in my left foot) cast and support boot and crutch free!!!

I’m walking (slowly and painfully) but unaided, in runners with orthopaedic insoles but delighted to be finally at this stage and working hard every day to strengthen my left leg and try to rebuild some of the lost muscle (there is none, all gone after 16 weeks in a cast!).

Onwards and upwards – and here is a picture of me at a Charity Ball last night – I even wore (very sensible) paten leather shoes and, wait for it, danced a little – finally some body magic 🙂