Mini Meatloaves with Tomato Glaze and Chedder Mash


I bought these dinky little mini loaf tins a while back to make brown bread with my son, he loves to bake, and he loves brown bread, but when I came across this recipe on Slimming Eats I knew I had found a great new use for them!

I set myself a “Fridge” challenge, to use up what I have before shopping again and my rummaging uncovered a packet of Turkey Mince, an onion, a very sad looking carrot and a red pepper. I decided to try the meatloaves using Lean Turkey Mince instead of the Beef in the original recipe, and using the pepper instead of courgette.



The making of the meatloaves couldn’t be easier, and again, junior loved to help out – first blitz in the food processor the onion, 2 cloves of garlic, the carrot and the pepper (I roughly chopped all of these first)

We picked some parsley and oregano from the garden boxes (the excitement of doing this to a 4 year old whose job it is to water the plants every evening is lovely to see!) Added the Paprika and breadcrumbs and Junior had the important job of cracking in the egg with no shell!!

Mixing all together was of course squidgy fun and then into the 4 tins, they measure 3×5 inches each. Baked at 180 for 20 mins, as tins are silicone, no spray needed.


After 20 mins, the recipe instructs us to remove the loaves, take out of tins and put in an oven proof dish (I being lazy and not wanting more dishes, lined a tray with tin foil), then brush with the glaze. I followed the glaze recipe as is with the exception of Passatta, I had none, so I used an extra tablespoon of purree and 2 tablespoons of water.

(The meatloaves at this point had a LOT of liquid around them, I drained this off before taking the meatloaves out of the tins and onto the tray).


The loaves are taken out after 10 mins baking with the glaze on, and more glaze put on, and back into the oven for another 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, I decided to serve these with Chedder and Spring Onion Mash (another recipe on the Slimming Eats site). I used reduced fat chedder but otherwise made no changes at all to the recipe, the only difficulty I had was to try to stop “tasting” the delicious mash while waiting for the meatloaves to finish baking!!

The final meal I served up with mash, and a good serving of Brocolli for Superfree. Really delish and Junior wolfed the meat and brocolli down, mashed potatoes not so much, but can’t argue with him when he devoured all the brocolli!!


Sweet Potato Hummus

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I recently came across this amazing blog with so many great recipes and i’m sure I will be using it a great deal in future! Check it out here Slimming Eats for inspiration!!

Dinner beckoned and I had a pork fillet defrosting and a notion to make Stroganoff. Now, I don’t like mushrooms, couldn’t bring myself to eat a slice of mushroom if you paid me! However, and I know this is bizarre, I love Stroganoff Sauce!! (i’ve lately, at the ripe old age of 29 progressed to grating mushrooms into stews and Bolonaise sauce as they do add a great flavour!)

The Slimming Eats recipe calls for Beef, I decided to try it with pork and the result was seriously tasty!!

First fried the pork strips with some fry light until browned, then remove to a plate


I had no onions (how, I dont’ know!!) so I sauted 2 leeks with 10 peeled chestnut mushrooms and 2 cloves garlic with the beef stock as per instructions.

For ease, I mixed all the remaining ingredients in a bowl, then added the pork back into the pan with the other ingredients and remainder of the Stock and stirred until well combined, it was quite thick at this point.

Finally, I added 8 tablespoons of Fat Free Fromage Frais (recipe called for 6, but I had used 550g of pork fillet after it was trimmed and cut so the sauce needed a little extra), snipped some fresh parsley over for serving – and it was delish and surprisingly easy to throw together, and the best bit – syn free!!