A day in the diary of me: Monday

After about a month off plan, with a holiday, funeral and a wedding in the mix, I woke up yesterday feeling determined that this time in going to stick to being healthy and good, using sw principals but eating a little cleaner (who am I kidding??!!)

Apart from a minor slip yesterday involving a baby size 99 at the park and half a small popcorn bucket at the cinema, I stuck to plan. Day 1 done!

Today is going to be a repeat of yesterday as the curry made enough for 4 adult portions and 4 children’s portions.

2 eggs, boiled, chopped and mixed with 3 scallions finely sliced, 5 cherry tomatoes chopped and 1 tablespoon extra light mayo, salt and pepper
Served with a handful of shredded rocket salad and 60g wholemeal bread toasted and spread with ex light mayo (so much lower in syns than butter!)



Colourful salad of:
Mixed leaves, scallions, cherry tomatoes, grapes, steamed brocolli and green beans (very small amount), sweetcorn
30g light feta and a tin of tuna in spring water
Dressed with balsamic vinegar dressing (olive oil, vinegar, wholegrain mustard, garlic and salt and pepper)



Homemade chicken rogan josh (now I cheated here just a tad and used a pack of spices from Green Saffron which is just all the dry slices pre mixed for you, the flavour was incredible and I’d highly recommend them. However there is a good SW Rogan Josh recipe here.
I fried the spices with lo calorie spray (not butter as per instructions) then added 2 large brown onions sliced, ginger and garlic.
I fried these for a few mins then poured into the slow cooker
I delgalzed the pan with a carton of passatta and some chicken stock (about a cup of water and a stock pot) and that went into the slow cooker.
I then sliced 2 peppers and a small butternut squash and added that too.

I’ve just realised today that I was supposed to add yoghurt to it but I forgot to! The end result after 3 hours in the slow cooker was amazing and the children loved it (although their portions were cooled with a bit of fresh cream)

I served this with boiled rice and some “coleslaw”‘of grated carrot, chopped mint and coriander, scallion and fat free natural yoghurt.