Breakfast for One


I write this entry sitting in the Brambles Restaurant on the 6th floor of the Beacon Hospital.

My foot was really painful so I arranged for a check up (6 weeks post op) and took myself and my crutches to the hospital this morning. Doc decided to remove the plaster (yay) for a good look and told me my foot is healing really well, so well in fact that instead of a new plaster I got a removable boot, also called “Aircast” or “MoonBoot”. I can take it off to shower – oh joys!!! But still no weight bearing for another few weeks (wires come out in 2 weeks time).

It feels like progress though and has lifted my mood enormously, I can’t wait to feel water on my foot for first time in 6 weeks, and to moisturise it, and massage the wasted muscle on my poor calf!!

I have an hour wait now for a quick physio appointment to learn what I can do to strengthen my leg and foot and help recovery so I decided to treat myself to a magazine and breakfast- alone!!

In front of my on this gorgeous sunny day is a wonderfull view of Dublin Bay, right out to Howth! I’ve polished off a fried egg, 2 slices of bacon, a grilled tomato and some brown toast. I’ve a cup of tea poured and 2 magazines to flick through, no hurry, no kids and no feeling guilty for having a “nice” breakfast!!

I might even have a cappuccino next 🙂


Weigh in No. 6

20120823-210448.jpg  Monday saw me balancing on the scales for my official weekly weigh in (I don’t know if you have ever tried to weigh yourself while in a non-weight bearing plaster cast on one leg, it’s quite hard to do, i’m getting quite good at it!)

I wobbled only slightly when the new figure appeared – 12st 1lbs – 2lbs loss!!! De-bloody-lighted!! I had spent a week at home, being reasonably “good” and lost 2lbs, extra happy after staying the same the week previous.

What I love about Slimming World Online is that when you are an online member, you get encouraging emails every few days, including a reminder to weigh in so I was delighted to find this email in my inbox on Tuesday morning – almost, nearly as good as the applause in the actual class.

I’m beginning to panic slightly that my weight loss is in fact, muscle loss from being so immobile for the last 6 weeks, but with 8 more weeks in plaster and then weeks and weeks of physio to get the foot moving again it’s unlikely that exercise for the lower half of my body will be stepped up any time soon.
In the meantime, I will continue with the full body weight lifting (aka using crutches) and a version of pilates that I am attempting while in bed to try and keep my back from seizing completely. I’ve lost 6lbs now since joining online so fingers crossed I get my first half stone next week!!

I ordered the Dessert book as a treat for myself and there are some gorgeous recipes in it that I cannot wait to try!!


Scientific Weighing In, sort of..


In my last post, I wondered how much a plaster cast weighed, well, in the interest of research purposes, 5 days ago, when I was getting the cast off to get stitches out, the nurse asked me if I wanted to keep any of it…..I thought asking for ALL of it might be slightly crazy….so I said no, then he suggested I keep the bit signed by my buddy, so I did!

I don’t think it’s at all crazy (ok, maybe just a little bit) that I weighed this bit…and it weighed a quarter of a pound! I reckon, it would have fit into the whole cast maybe 20 times, so, that means the cast weighs about 5lbs, I will have an awesome weight loss when I finally get it off!!

All of this research was no good however, when I weighed in this morning and stayed the same as last week, (and I thought the new cast would be lighter!) I think perhaps my cousins birthday party (pics in a post soon of cake! And the wine on Friday and Saturday were my downfall!)

On the food side, I have become a little bit obsessed with having blueberries in salads, they just taste so delish with salad dressing and I’ve been having roast chicken, greens, sunflowers seeds and blueberries, and grilled salmon, with microwave steam pack of veg (birds eye) each with reduced fat honey mustard dressing. Simple, easy, yum.



How much does a Plaster Cast weigh??


I wonder how insane my doctor will think me if I ask to take the cast home after its removed on Thursday to get stitches out, and a new cast on…..I suspect if I said it was to weigh it he might sign me in for a mental assesment!!

When I joined Slimming World in early June I joined in a local class. My official start weight was 12st 11lbs. In the four weeks I managed to get to classes I got down to 12st 7lbs. Then I was in the aircast for 2 weeks and unable to get to class, so I kept an eye on the scales at home. On the morning of my surgery, 25 July, with no cast (balancing precariously on the scales) I was 12st 2lbs, so I can assume I lost a little since last class weigh in?

I weighed myself 5 days later, on the Sunday, when after much wondering how I would arrange lifts to classes (will be in plaster for 12 weeks!!), I had a lightbulb moment, I’d join online!! My official joining online weight that day was 12st 7lbs. Which brings me to my wondering how much of the 5lbs gain since Wednesday is plaster cast???

I had my first weigh in for online membership yesterday and I nearly fell off the scales when I saw that I had lost 4lbs and I’m 12st 3lbs now……..I had to weigh myself again this morning to make sure it was real!! Now the scales are away until next Monday! I wonder if I didn’t have a plaster cast on, would I be back to the 11stone bracket?

The plaster cast….


Me currently….


Goal weight..(taken 3 years ago! 10st 7lbs)