Scones and Sympathy


I love scones, fluffy, soft, warm, buttery, topped with crunchy sugar and spread with real butter and jam (or even better, whipped cream and jam!)

A quick text to my buddy at Domestic Engineer for a recipe and I was away (I know I could have gotten my much use recipe book off the shelf….but that felt like effort!!
Another friend was calling around to chat (the sympathy) so I felt I could at least bake!)

I have, I think (or like to think), perfected my scone method now and it goes like this…

– sieve the flour and baking powder together
– cut the cold butter into cubes
– place the butter, sugar and half the flour into a food processor and pulse a few times until breadcrumb like
– remove to a large bowl then sieve in the rest of the flour
– beat the 2 eggs and add to the mix with Half the milk and mix well until it starts to form balls of dough
– add the rest of the milk gradually until you have a very soft dough that you can turn out but may look a little too “wet”
– quickly shape into scones using a cutter – straight down and pop the scone out, never twist it!!
– place onto a floured, warmed tray (at this point brush with milk and sprinkle with castor sugar) and into preheated oven (very important to preheat)

Remove when golden and try not to eat them too hot 🙂