One small step….off the scales!!!


Last week, on Thursday morning, 10 days ago, to be precise, I took the batteries out of my weighing scales.

The scales that I stood ok every.single.morning (after going to the loo and no clothes on naturally). And every morning I would get upset. So I would do it again every night before bed, so I could judge how bad the morning weigh in would be.

And THEN I PAID to go once a week to get weighed by someone else!! And I’d gain or loose the same 3/4 pound, for 2 years, and leave miserable, and binge eat on the way home.

So, as I said in the last post, something changed. Something had started and I don’t know what it is.

I weighed myself on Thursday morning then I took out the batteries.
Then, I celebrated my wonderful, empowering step by having lunch out with my beloved nana, I had curry, extra veg; no rice and pinched a few of nana’s chips.

I met my friend and her gorgeous daughter and we went for a walk and had coffee and cake.

And I went out for dinner with my husband, had 2 glasses of red wine, starter and a delicious risotto.

Then I came home and went to bed. I didn’t weigh myself. I knew I couldn’t. I had given the batteries to himself with strict instructions to keep them for a week.

I woke up the next morning and didn’t weigh myself. I looked at the scales, it occurred to me to search for the batteries but I didn’t.

Writing it down and even talking about this ridiculously unhealthy habit has made me realise how free I feel not weighing myself every day.

I need to work on my self-image and stop hating my reflection but now I don’t depress myself every morning.

If you are a slave to the scales, I hope this entry may help you realise it Dosen’t have to control your life.

So I will leave you with this image and recipe, because now I bake with my son without guilt – I just have to not eat the entire batch!!

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies


Lazy Sunday


I woke on Friday morning and decided I felt like baking! I had a lunch meet up with some friends and the kids and I was on dessert so I decided to do a pavlova (I tried the recipe from the new Slimming World dessert book that uses half the usual amount of sugar but I just topped it with cream), and chewy cookies.

I’ve been trying to make crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside American style chocolate chip cookies for a long time and never got them quite right. A quick google later and we were off (with my trusty helper No.1). The batter was so easy and the result way too delicious, I’m snookered for life, and I had three of them on Friday as well as a small slice of pavlova, and 2 slices of pizza for lunch!


Friday evening saw myself and my husband going for dinner with friends for a birthday – crutches, rain, 2 flights Of stairs and then finding out at the end of the meal that there was an alternative to the stairs put a spoiler on the evening for me, I had phoned the restaurant in advance and asked was there another way to get to the upstairs garden level and was told no!

Saturday – Milanos for lunch in Dundrum Shopping Centre. My first time in public using my knee walker/scooter and it was as tough as I expected to be stared at and overhear comments but kind of fun to scoot around the shops! Milanos are doing a new range of thin base, low fat pizza, advertised at under 500 calories each, and with the centre cut out and filled with fresh rocket and tomatoes. It was really tasty, but we waited 45 minutes for our pizza!

Chicken with chilli and veg stir fry last night with a glass (ok, 3) of white wine.

Today- back on track and for breakfast I had my new favourite – 60g homemade brown bread (healthy B) with 12 cherry tomatoes cut in half and heated in the microwave in a bowl with 2 tablespoons baked beans. No need for butter on the bread and very filling!

Lunch – rocket, tomatoes, a pack of steamed green veg and leftover roast chicken chopped up and stirred through a tablespoon of Ballymaloe Jalepeno Relish (1 Syn) and heated for 1 minute in the microwave. Drizzled the salad an veg with reduced fat honey mustard dressing (1/2 Syn per tablespoon) Yum!

For Dinner this evening we had peppered steak from the butchers, mixed frozen veg (how lazy!) and baked sweet potatoes. Followed by a scoop
Of homemade praline ice cream, I’m
Afraid to calculate the syns but I would say 10 would cover it, I only allowed myself a small scoop!!

Weigh in is on Tuesday, I don’t expect to be down This week!!