A Step In The Right Direction

Today was a good day.

A long, long awaited review with the Surgeon who performed the stabilisation of the lisfranc Fracture (all 4 fractures, needed 5 pins, 4 screws, and 12 weeks non weight bearing!!) happened this morning.

The stitches from the pin removal 2 weeks were removed and I held my breath until he said “ok, we can start controlled weight bearing”. I nearly hugged him!!

It means I still wear the (awful looking) “Moon Boot” for support and protection of my foot for another 4 weeks but I can walk on it!! Best news I’ve had in a long time and the boost I needed to cheer me up!!

My first few steps were tough and it’s a lot more painful than I anticipated, weirdly, the pain is mostly in my ankle
On either side, not the injured area- I guess my ankle is in shock with the weight being put on it for the first time
In months!

I can’t wait to walk, however slowly, to the shop across the road with the pram and the baby, something I haven’t been able to do for 3 long months.

Still a bit to go and will have an orthotic insert made for my shoes when the boot is off in 4 weeks but I’m delighted!! Looking forward to getting to swim when I’m more confident on 2 feet and finally start getting my body moving again!

No more knee scooter for me but it was a godsend when I got it and can highly recommend anyone in this unfortunate position to hire one from John at Momentum HealthCare Direct, based in CityWest.