Colourful Carbonara

This recipe is based on the “tricolour” carbonara recipe in the Slimming World recipe books and app.

Notes: I have used 150g fresh pasta here which is 2 syns per 100g so you could just cook dried spaghetti and save the syns.
30g Parmesan is a healthy A so you will have half per serving

Serves 2

150g fresh pasta (check ingredients, make sure it’s without oil)
1 orange pepper, sliced
1 onion, sliced or chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
1 cup frozen peas – defrosted
8 smokey bacon rashers, trimmed of visible fat and chopped
2 egg yolks
1 tablespoon quark (or fat free fromage frais)
30g Parmesan, grated

– fry the onion and pepper in fry light until starting to soften, add garlic
– add bacon bits and continue to fry until bacon is cooked through
– meanwhile cook pasta
– in a small bowl mix the 2 egg yolks with the grated cheese and spoon of cream cheese and black pepper
– drain pasta, retaining a cup of liquid
– add the veg and bacon to the pasta and mix well
– then add the egg mix and mix well, adding a dash of cooking water to loosen
– serve with leafy green salad


Emotional Eating

Two days ago, I got a call from the physiotherapist to say that the custom made orthopaedic insoles were ready to be fitted and to come in the next day (which was yesterday evening).
I got myself all excited – no more Aircast- also known as moon boot in this house!! I departed, new sketchers trainers in their box ready to be walking out of that hospital unaided.
Turns out he was just making sure they fit!! Slight progress in that the insole is in my Aircast but I am allowed to put my runners on for a little while each day, with the support insole in and walk around (only in the house), no carrying baby or lifting but just walking carefully.

No bother to me, I thought! Off I went in the physio room to show off how good I was at walking. Turns out 14 weeks in a cast meant that my leg felt dead and rubbery, I was like bambi trying to take her first steps. I wobbled and got frightened!! Back in the boot. Even though I’ve been weight bearing for 3 weeks my leg is still completely weak and it will need a lot of work to get it back up to strength.

So, I left the hospital in foul humour. I stopped into the Dundrum shopping centre, hubbie needed finishing bits for his costume at Halloween and I picked up 2 cute costumes for the kids….and then I went into the Marks and Spencer FoodHall.

Oh dear me, it was so difficult to resist everything. I wanted pizza, and chips, and creamy pasta, and creamy mash followed by fresh cream cakes…in the end I got a beef roasting joint “dine in for 2 meal” for tomorrow for myself and a friend and picked up a “count on us” chocolate muffin dessert – worth every single bit of the 7.5 syns – yum! I also bought some fresh pasta, which is 2 syns per 100g, I know I could have cooked some dried and it would have been free, but I fancied the nice fresh stuff!

I stayed strong, came home and cooked carbonara (SW style) and had a diet coke while doing so to keep the sugar craving at bay!! I also snacked on some sweet cherry tomatoes while

I sat stuffed and content, bad humour gone, boosted by my staying strong and not giving into the need to eat crap because I was feeling crap!!

Recipe can be viewed here Colourful Carbonara


Recent Dinners

Here are some dinner ideas from during the last 2 weeks since I started in Slimming World.

This is a version of the “Tricolour Carbonara” from the SW books. My husband, who does not normally like carbonara said it was the nicest he ever had – it’s really light and very tasty!

I was doing a freezer hunt for the day’s meals and found a ham fillet at the bottom and decided to cook it, when it was cooked and I cut into it, it had a lot of fat running through the centre, which I hate so I decided to trim every single piece I could see off and cut the ham into small cubes to throw into a salad or carbonara. The carbonara I made by frying the ham cubes in a hot pan until slighly coloured, then softening a leek in fry light with a clove of garlic, added a chopped green chilli and a handful of frozen peas. I added dashes of water to keep things from sticking/burning. Meanwhile had pasta (250g wholewheat spaghetti) and in a bowl whisked 2 egg yolks with 3 tablespoons fat free fromage frais and 20g Parmesan grated
When pasta cooked, drain, keep a little of the water in the end, throw in the leek and bacon and take off the heat and stir in the egg and ffff mix and stir well.
Divided into 4 bowls and sprinkled with a little grated Parmesan.
(30g Parmesan is a healthy A but it’s split between 4 portions here)


Friday Night Food – Burger and Chips SW Style

Junior1 had great fun making these with me. Into the food processor went a small onion which was finely chopped then salt and pepper, a tablespoon of ketchup and some dried oregano. We shaped them into burgers (“big one for daddy, medium for mammy and small for me”) and onto a hot griddle. The chips made in the usual way and I put the burgers into the oven after they were sealed.

I used a brown burger bun (from tesco) as my healthy B and some low fat Chedder cheese, rocket and tomato, with chilli ketchup and some cherry tomatoes on the side. Better than a Chipper take away any day 🙂


Sirloin Steak with soy, ginger and honey glaze, with stir fried Veg and wholewheat noodles. I got the recipe from a Food Club i’m in on a forum, the recipe called for Duck, which i’m not a big fan of so I griddled the sirloin and made the glaze. I used a tablepsoon of sesame oil in the veg (3 syns between 2 servings) and soy sauce, and just a drop of soy on the noodles. Really really tasty.