New Start – again!

So I bit the bullet and went back to my slimming world class (St Marys In Templeogue).
I was dreading the weigh in but I decided to start over, no history. New card.
I was 1lbs lighter than when I last weighed in at end of May so that was a happy start.

Welcome back hugs and such warmth from the members I knew reassured me I had made the right decision.

So, I am keeping food diaries for the first 4 weeks to hand into my leader Noeleen and so far so good.

Although, I baked this cake for a client yesterday, imagine the temptation, the day after signing up again to Slimming World

So I admit I made a test layer as it was gluten free and I needed to be sure it was ok (although recipe came from my friend Anna and can be viewed HEREe

I may have eaten my days syns allowance testing tiny slices. Every time I passed it.

Here’s the cake – chocolate gluten free sponge with chocolate ganache for a student in Maynooth College who’s daddy wanted to send her a birthday surprise!


Day 3 “Juice and Other Stuff Diet”

Weighed myself first thing. Down 1lb. So 2lbs in 2 days. If I lost a pound every day for 2 weeks id be as happy as anything but as we will see further down, this is unlikely!

10.30am. First time I feel hungry today. Been to wholesaler to get flowers and bits I needed and drank water in the car but no hunger. Drank sunrise juice. I really like this one.

1pm Friend has been visiting since 11 and I’ve been too distracted to be hungry.

1.30 ok now I’m hungry

2pm – green juice. It’s no longer green after 3 days in the fridge and despite shaking it, remains an unattractive sludge colour. I manage half of it.

4.30pm kids have requested pizza for dinner

5.00pm feed kids. No.1 says “Mammy, where is your dinner” I said I already ate it, “no you didn’t he says” and comes back from the counter with 2 slices of thin base traditional sauce pepperoni Goodfellas Pizza, well I didn’t want to hurt his feelings…..

7pm – beetroot juice


I tried, I really did. I just could not drink any more juice. I managed 1/3 of it and gave up. I needed hot food so I microwaved a portion of soup I had frozen and had that instead


(Syn free Butternut Squash and Basil Soup)

On day 4 (yesterday) I checked my weight and I was Still only 2lbs down. To be honest if I had stuck to it properly I might have lost more but I did my best for first attempt! Next time (next week) il be more prepared. Kids dinners will be done in advance and won’t be convenience food every other day and I’m going to have soup on standby for wobbly moments.

I celebrated the end of the detox by having lasagne, chips, coleslaw followed by cake for lunch yesterday and suffered for hours after with cramps!!

Today was a write off food wise ended with Indian takeaway and peanut butter M&Ms


Tomorrow will be back to SW plan, apart from the cake I’ve made for my aunts birthday……oops 🙂


Hello to all!

I will start by wishing a Happy New Year and hope you had a lovely Christmas.

This year has been one of our nicest holiday seasons in a log time. The pure joy and excitement of my 4.5 year old son made the magic come alive for us again after a few tough years.

I’ve enjoyed all the Christmas over eating and drinking immensely and it is continuing until the New Year’s Day when good intentions will kick in again!

We had some nice occasions this week, my mother turned 50, and I hosted a surprise party in my house.
With little time to prepare I bought a fresh cream cake from the bakery and re-covered it with fresh cream and piped happy birthday with writing icing! We ate cheeses, pâté, homemade brown bread, anti pasti, cocktail sausages and chicken Goujons, crisps and dips!

Yesterday we had a big family meal for my Nana’s 80th birthday! My aunt made the main courses and we had a choice of Thai Green Chicken Curry or Lasagne. I made the cake!
I had some trouble trying to find a recipe to suit my 10 inch springform tin so I improvised and used it for a thinner cake and an 8 inch sandwich tin – they ended up being equal height and I made the cake into a two-tier gateaux and got carried away with the pink decorations 🙂
I will post the recipe below, the same one I have always followed for sponge and vanilla cupcakes and never let’s me down!

Today we have our youngest son’s christening, my aunt is making and icing the celebration cake and I’m posting this entry from under a dryer at the salon! I will post a picture of the cake tomorrow!

Happy New Year x

Vanilla Sponge

the quantities used here are for a 10inch sandwich and an 8 inch sandwich tin

6 medium free range eggs
375g self raising flour
375g castor sugar
375g butter, softened at room temperature
2 tsp vanilla extract
1.5 tsp baking powder

– preheat oven to 180, line base of tins with parchment and grease sides
– cream butter and sugar together until very soft and fluffy
– add 2 eggs and gently beat, sieve flour with baking powder and add 1/3 of it
– add vanilla and 2 more eggs, beat gently. Add another 1/3 flour and beat gently: repeat until all eggs and flour’s important not to over beat at this stage to keep the cake light
– pour just over Half into the 10 inch tin and the remainder into the 8 inch tin
– bake for 25 mins and check, remove 8 inch tin and cook larger tin for another 15 mins. (To check, insert skewer on centre if it comes out clean the cakes are done)
– cool in tin for 5 mins then remove upside down to wire rack and cool compleltely
– this makes a basic Victoria sponge you can decorate as you please I did the following to create a Strawberry Gataeux

– cut each cake in half through middle, you now have 4 layers
– place bottom (large) layer on plate, spread with strawberry jam, fresh whipped cream and thinly sliced strawberries
– reapeat for each layer then coat entire cake with cream and have fun decorating 🙂


Weigh in No.9 and No.10

I’m loosing track of writing weigh in posts and when I weighed in last! I’ve had a few very busy weeks with much eating and drinking and being both merry and melancholy! I turned 30 this week and had a party – I weighed in after my last post with a loss of 4lbs – the 2 recently gained and another 2 off!

I received my first 7lbs loss marker and went on last weigh in to loose another 2lbs, bringing total weight loss since joining online to 9lbs!!

I still have a long way to go but I’m happy with the progress so far and despite a set back with my foot (pins came out this week but I was told another 4 weeks with no weight on it which was hard to take!!) I feel happy with my week off Watching What I Eat — its not every week you turn 30 and I will be back on track next week!

I will finish this entry with a picture of the amazing cake my friend brought to cheer me up – chocolate brownie base, vanilla cheesecake layer and topped with raspberry cream – watch this space I will attempt to recreate it, it’s a HummingBird Cafe recipe and was absolutely delicious!!