Weigh in 16

2nd class was during the week and I expected the worst after a very bold, very over indulgent weekend with way too much alcohol but I was surprised to be up only 1/2 pound!

Back on track from Thursday and from today have decided to try and stay off alcohol until Christmas!!

On the upside – I am finally, 4 months (less 2 days) after my lis-franc injury (fractured 4 metatarsals in my left foot) cast and support boot and crutch free!!!

I’m walking (slowly and painfully) but unaided, in runners with orthopaedic insoles but delighted to be finally at this stage and working hard every day to strengthen my left leg and try to rebuild some of the lost muscle (there is none, all gone after 16 weeks in a cast!).

Onwards and upwards – and here is a picture of me at a Charity Ball last night – I even wore (very sensible) paten leather shoes and, wait for it, danced a little – finally some body magic 🙂