Weigh in 30

The return of the moonboot!!!


The final step in the saga of my foot!!! As some of you readers may remember, in July last year I damaged my foot, an injury known as an “unstable Lisfrance Fracture”, apparantly very hard to do by merely falling over trying to remove ones welly boots….
24 weeks in plaster, 18 of those non-weight bearing and a lot of physio later brings me to this month and removal of the 5 screws that were left in since surgery in July (they removed the pins in August)
So, I’m back in the dreaded AirCast for 2/3 weeks but hopefully with physio il be back to normal very soon, I may never run again but il be happy with a brisk walk!!!!

Which leads me to my most recent weigh-in yesterday. I had missed 3 weeks and I tried to stay reasonably on track. So I was delighted to be down 1.5lbs and get a 1/2 stone sticker! Also saw a new number on the scale 11stone 6lbs and a little closer to goal!

I’ll be back soon with a new recipe and in the meantime here’s a very diet unfriendly cake I made for a friend recently 🙂