New Start – again!

So I bit the bullet and went back to my slimming world class (St Marys In Templeogue).
I was dreading the weigh in but I decided to start over, no history. New card.
I was 1lbs lighter than when I last weighed in at end of May so that was a happy start.

Welcome back hugs and such warmth from the members I knew reassured me I had made the right decision.

So, I am keeping food diaries for the first 4 weeks to hand into my leader Noeleen and so far so good.

Although, I baked this cake for a client yesterday, imagine the temptation, the day after signing up again to Slimming World

So I admit I made a test layer as it was gluten free and I needed to be sure it was ok (although recipe came from my friend Anna and can be viewed HEREe

I may have eaten my days syns allowance testing tiny slices. Every time I passed it.

Here’s the cake – chocolate gluten free sponge with chocolate ganache for a student in Maynooth College who’s daddy wanted to send her a birthday surprise!


Checking in!!

Hey everyone!

Been a few weeks since I’ve updated on my weightloss journey!
I’ve managed to stick to my weighing in once a week and since 1st September I’ve lost 7lbs.

It feels frustrating to loose 1lb a week each week, but looking back and it’s now 7lbs I’m delighted and I saw a weight today (11st 11lbs) that I haven’t seen in over 6 months. My goal is to keep on the same level of loss until Christmas, which will bring me to 11 stone.

I gained 1lb last week after a tough emotional weekend, my sisters 4th anniversary came around and I went out with my parents for a very indulgent meal with too much wine, hard to believe it’s 4 years since she passed away, time is going so fast!!

This morning I was down 2.5lbs. I think the fact I’m back walking after the recent foot injury has helped, I’m getting on average 2.5-3 miles each day and feeling the benefit mentally too!!

Off now to search for inspiration for pork mince for dinner but here’s a photo of me at my friends wedding 2 weeks ago, in a dress I didn’t think would ever fit me again!


Weekly weight and injuries

My second weekly weigh in and I’m 2lbs down. So that’s 5lbs off since my new leaf, it’s getting easier than ever to not give in to the temptation of standing up on the scales every day!!

A long way to go to get back to even the weight I was this time last year (a stone less than now!!) but I feel positive and encouraged by my new found determination.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to go to my workouts at Crossfit because I fell over during a workout 3 weeks and ended up with an avulsion fracture on my right ankle 😦
It’s been frustrating to be injured again but after 3 weeks now I’m back walking again properly (albeit very slowly and not without considerable lain) and seeing a physio but I’ve a few more weeks wait before I can work out again!

In the meantime I’ve been shopping for clothes that fit me now, that I feel good in, got my hair redone and freshened up and have been doing lots of cooking and baking with the little men.

I’l leave you today with this gorgeous recipe and helpful tutorial for a simple, easy but sooo tasty lemon and orange cake. Tutorial is by my friend, the lovley Soraya over at Coze Di Roze
Check out the site for great quality and affordable clothes, some of which are also fair trade, not to mention easy to wear and look great!

Click here for recipe:
St Clements Drizzle Cake


Weigh number something

I’ve been going to class every week since Christmas but had a few weeks recently of gains, with the final one being a 3lbs gain!!

This kicked me back to touch and I got back in the right frame of mind! Last week 2lbs loss and this week another 2lbs. Delighted to see it going in the right direction but still 5lbs to go get back to where I was before my gaining streak!

Recent on-track dishes have been singapore style noodles, spaghetti with leek, ham, mixed leaves and cheddar spread melted into it all (kind of like a carbonara!) and today’s lunch offering:
Mixed tuna with roast pepper, scallion, corn and mixed leaves chopped through. I mixed this with 2 tablespoons extra light mayo and 2 tablespoons fat free yoghurt to make the make go a bit further 🙂
Topped 2 small baked potatoes with half this mix and have the other half to snack on later.


First Class of 2014

Well, I bit the bullet, won the row with my inner lazy self and went to class today to face the Christmas food music. I attended the class in the Spawell in Tallaght today.

Stood on the scales, after removing coat, shoes, cardigan, scarf and earrings and closed my eyes.

Up 1lb!! Well I was delighted!!
I was pretty sick over the weekend with a stomach flu so that may have swayed the scales but hey! 3 weeks of indulgence and the little food conscience on my shoulder must have had more effect than I realised.

Tonight’s dinner was turkey curry! I ended up cooking an 18lb bird for myself, himself and the 2 juniors, 1 of which had weetabix for Christmas dinner so you can imagine the amount of leftovers!!

Here’s how I made the curry tonight and it was gorgeous!

Sinead’s Turkey Curry

1 red onion chopped
1 red (bell) pepper, sliced
2 tablespoons tikka curry powder (or your choice)
1 teaspoon each ground cumin, coriander and turmeric
150mls homemade gravy (this is optional, I had it frozen in small batches, just use a cube or a Knorr gravy pot)
Enough shredded turkey meat for 4 portions (I used white and darker meat)
1/2 jar passata

– sauté the onion and pepper for a few mins then add the spices and fry to release the flavours
– add the gravy (or stock) and passata
– stir in the meat and simmer for 10-15 mins.


Weigh in 37

After rejoining last week (weigh in 36) and discovering I’d gained 9lbs on my detour from dieting I was delighted and a bit shocked to see a 3lbs loss this week!!!

I did have 2 family occasions at the weekend but ate well (I did most of the cooking) and while I did drink far too much wine, I got back on track immediately on Monday and it paid off!

Celebratory meal tonight was taco fries for a change!!

Back soon with a new blog entry for my ultimate lasagne!! Here’s a sneak peek


And – how to test your resistance!!! I was asked to make a cake for a christening on Saturday and spent the morning preparing the base for a chocolate biscuit /maltessers explosion cake – and it was torture on a weigh in day to resist the gooey goodness!


Weigh in 33-35

I’ve a few to catch up on! My last weight entry was written while on holidays at home in Donegal, I gained 2lbs the week after that! Then lost 1.5 and today weighed in and lost one, so back to where I was before all the recent gains!

I’ve joined a gym (gasp!!) I’ve finally been cleared to do aerobic exercise on treadmill so since last week I’ve been going to the gym and doing a brisk walk, 2 x 2 minute very slow jogs, some physio work in the pool and a long soak in the jacuzzi as a reward!!

I find I’m coming home absolutely ravenous and my latest snack of choice is crackerbread topped with extra light mayo, Wafer thin turkey and sliced vine cherry tomatoes!

Today was very rushed with meetings (I’m back at work!!) and I missed lunch so I brought a tub of pasta salad with cherry tomatoes to munch on while waiting for “image therapy” to start – best idea I’ve ever had!!!

I’m working on perfecting a sw version of key lime pie last week and this and I nearly have it!! I have the topping down to zero!! Syns but working on a base that is sufficiently chocolatey – watch this space!

Sinead x

A snap from our “summer holiday” visit to the beach!! This was a week before the blissful heat wave we had!


Weigh in 31 and 32

Last week was my last weigh in while in “the boot”. I was up 1lb. That was ok with me though I’d had a bold weekend with too many treats and takeaways and some wine too!!

This week I went to class while at home in Donegal on our family holiday and was delighted to be down 1/2 pound! Considering I’d had a small 99 icecream just an hour before going to class I was delighted!!

It’s great to be at this stage of my “foot journey” and while I’m still tender and sore and have a lot of physio work ahead the consultant has discharge me he is very happy with my recovery!

Last week I did a date night dinner for myself and himself. After standing taking the skin off chicken wings for nearly an hour – my god what a chore!!! I discovered later that it is possible to buy skinless wings in tesco so I will be looking them out because as tedious as the job was – it was totally worth it they were delish!! I hate when I get wings and the skin is in anyway soggy or not totally dried up anyway!!

I used Franks Hot Sauce after cooking them in the actifryer and they were spicy and crisp and best of all – syn free!!

I also made the chicken liver parfait from the new Slimming World book for entertaining and it is fabulous!! I halved the recipe and left out the brandy and it was so, so good!! I served it with whole meal Melba toasts I made myself but it would be equally good on cracker breads. I made the red onion marmalade to go with it and wasn’t sure at the end to keep the onions or the liquid…so I blended them together and it became a delicious relish!!

The fries were inspired by the lovely rosemary fries at GBK restaurants- again using actifryer, spray oil, fresh rosemary and sea salt – very more ish!
The garlic dip is fat free natural yoghurt with garlic – simple and yum!!

Served with some fresh vine cherry tomatoes and some rocket – a syn free feast that was impressive and delicious and worth the effort.

Now, if only someone could invent a syn free wine 😉


Weigh in 30

The return of the moonboot!!!


The final step in the saga of my foot!!! As some of you readers may remember, in July last year I damaged my foot, an injury known as an “unstable Lisfrance Fracture”, apparantly very hard to do by merely falling over trying to remove ones welly boots….
24 weeks in plaster, 18 of those non-weight bearing and a lot of physio later brings me to this month and removal of the 5 screws that were left in since surgery in July (they removed the pins in August)
So, I’m back in the dreaded AirCast for 2/3 weeks but hopefully with physio il be back to normal very soon, I may never run again but il be happy with a brisk walk!!!!

Which leads me to my most recent weigh-in yesterday. I had missed 3 weeks and I tried to stay reasonably on track. So I was delighted to be down 1.5lbs and get a 1/2 stone sticker! Also saw a new number on the scale 11stone 6lbs and a little closer to goal!

I’ll be back soon with a new recipe and in the meantime here’s a very diet unfriendly cake I made for a friend recently 🙂