About Me

My name is Sinead, I’m newly 30 (and still trying to adapt to that fact), I have 2 sons, first born is a May Baby and is 4, 2nd born is a March baby and in his first year!

I started this blog with an idea to write about what I eat, my relationship with food, and to keep me on track with the current health kick i’m (not all the time) following which is Slimming World.

As I write this entry, I’m 12 weeks post LisFranc Injury, in which I fractured 4 bones in my foot, had surgery to stabilise it with 5 pins and 4 screws positioned, the pins are now out, screws in permanently and I’m still non weight bearing, hopefully not for much longer.

The blog has been an outlet for me, I love food, cooking it, reading about it and the best bit, eating it…not everything I write about will be slimming world friendly, not every entry will be about food, I have changed since I started blogging about me, my injury has set me back horribly, dependent on a roller scooter to get around, but I have adapted and get by and even put a sling on and carry the baby to the local shops now with the basket on front of the scooter!

I hope that you will like my entries, the highs and the lows.

Thank you for reading, Sinead x
2nd October 2012


Updating…..as of today, I’m walking (slowly, with a limp, and painfully, but upright!!) and cycling a little, and attempting aqua aerobics classes again..and enjoying them within my limitations! So happy that I can now bring my children outside even for short times, and the dog is even happier!

Sinead x
8th January 2013

Still here and blogging when I can! So much has happened in the (almost 3 years) time since I started this blog.
Thank you to every single reader and follower and as always, please feel free to share my recipes but if you copy them from the site please put a link back. I always do this when possible as its so important to credit the original recipe concept.
Sinead x

14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello 🙂 I’ve just started Slimming World for the 3rd time (sigh – I keep losing and gaining the same stone and a half. Must stop eating my feelings…). Bookmarking your blog so I can have recipe inspiration at the click of a mouse. Keep going. x

  2. Hope you’ve fully recovered from your foot injury. I only broke one bone in my foot and that was six weeks ago – but it’s annoying enough, so thanks for sharing your own experiences. x

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