Candy topped cake

I’ve always loved seeing the images online of the cakes topped with piles of sweets (or candy) and when I was recently asked to make one with the top in sections I was delighted!

As this celebration cake was to be served for dessert I made chocolate mud cake, a rich, dense and moist chocolate cake – perfect with cream or ice cream. This was then cut in half and filled with dark chocolate ganache and then coated with ganache.

I baked this cake in a 10 inch round tin, so it took almost 4 packs of cadbury chocolate fingers to surround the sides!



As the chocolate fingers were too short to divide the top of the cake, I made some chocolate sticks using dark chocolate and drizzled with melted white chocolate.

The sections were then filled with milk chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, chocolate coated toffees, M&Ms, mini chocolate eggs and Oreo mini mix


Along with the cake, my customer ordered cake pops and here is a picture of them all wrapped up and ready to go. Filled with chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream and biscuit then coated in dark chocolate and lots of sprinkles or drizzled with white chocolate



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