My Tomato Soup

Ready in 20 minutes and totally delicious to boot – with a tin of baked beans to make it a bit more filling (use butter beans or any tinned beans If you want to avoid the sugar in baked beans!)

My Tomato Soup

(Finely chop all the veg for quick cooking(
1 large onion
2 sticks of celery
2 cloves garlic
2 small carrots (grate these)
200g passatta plus 6 fresh tomatoes (skinned If you feel like it) or 300g passatta
200g baked beans
Salt and pepper
Handful fresh basil or 2tsp dried
2 chicken or veg stock cubes
2 pints water

– sauté all the veg except the tomatoes until softened
– add seasoning, basil, tomatoes, stock cubes and water and bring to the boil
– reduce heat, add the beans and simmer for 10-15 mins
– blend




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