Steak n’Chips with Onion Rings and Curry Sauce


Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Himself and myself were supposed to go out for a romantic meal for valentines day, however, I wasn’t feeling 100% so we decided to stay in and cook (aka I cook!!)

So I got the thinking cap on, I had some steak in the freezer, I had potatoes, and I had a cauliflower and wanted to try the new craze sweeping the boards Cauliflower Curry Sauce so this is what I came up with, and it was an epic meal!! Who needs restaurants!! And what’s more, it was SYN free!!

The Meal:  Steak, marinaded with garlic and rosemary, with roast green beans, crispy onion rings and curry sauce. 

The Steak: 

I used striploin steaks, as that is what was in the freezer, but you could use fillet steak, or sirloin, any lean meat, just trim all the fat off.

Trim all the visible fat off the steaks and cut into smaller pieces (to absorb more marinade and cook faster) chop 2 garlic cloves together with a couple of sprigs of rosemary (remove the leaves from the stalks), if you add some ground salt into this while chopping together it helps.

(I suggest you wear latex gloves for this part or have some really strong soap to hand!) In a shallow but wide bowl, mix the garlic and rosemary puree with the steaks, spraying with frylight to help the garlic and rosemary attach to the steak (those not bothered with counting syns can use proper olive oil!!)

Massage it all together really well, then leave to marinade for about 20 mins.

Heat a pan sprayed with frylight on medium heat until good and hot. Add the steak pieces and cook to your liking. My pieces were quite thin so 3 minutes each side cooked them to just medium.

Always, always allow your meat to rest, on a plate, loosely covered with tinfoil for at least 5 minutes after frying, and make sure you cook steak etc. from room temperature.

The Onion Rings

Allow one good size onion per person. Peel the onion and cut it in large slices.

Press each ring of onion out individually, reserving the very small middle sections for your curry sauce or to use at a later date.

Blend 2 x 60g wholemeal rolls (healthy B option) until fine breadcrumbs and put these in a dish. (I used gluten free)

(for extra fine crumbs, blitz them, then bake in the oven on a flat try until crisp, then blitz again, gives a really crispy fine crumb for coating)

Mix 2 eggs in a bowl and dip the onion slices in, then dip them in the breadcrumbs, giving them a good coating.

I baked mine in my Philips Airfryer but you can lay them on a baking tray, lined with greaseproof paper, give them a spray with fry light and bake until golden and the onion is cooked through.

Try not to eat half of them before the rest of the dinner is cooked. I may or may not have done this myself.

The Curry Sauce

I made the syn free Cauliflower Curry Sauce – recipe HERE

The Green Beans

Spray with fry light, sprinkle with salt and pepper and roast in the oven, actifryer or Air fryer for 10-15 mins until cooked through and lightly coloured.

The Chips

  I am blessed that I have an Airfryer, an actifryer is similar, but you can also bake these in the oven. Just don’t forget to line the tray with greaseproof paper or they will stick.

Peel and chip your potatoes into fairly even size chips, I did them a bit chunky last night for dipping in the curry sauce!! Place them in a bowl of cold water for at least half an hour.

Drain the chips and dry well with paper towels or a clean tea towel. In a large bowl, spray well with fry light and give them a good mix around to coat. Again you can use a tablespoon olive oil here (6 syns per tablespoon)

Place in the airfryer/actifryer and bake until golden and crips on the outside and soft and fluffy inside. I find it helps to re-spray and give them a good shake every 10 minutes.

If you are using the oven, lay the chips flat on the lined baking tray, bake at 200 and spray/turn every 15 mins serve with the curry sauce in a small bowl or totally slathered in sauce, your choice (3 in one, anyone, I think a carb fest with boiled rice, curry sauce and chips is in my near future!!)

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