Friday “Fried” Chicken

This is from the Slimming World “Fakeaway” book, which has so far been one of my favourite go to recipe books.
I highly recommend picking it up at your group or online.

Friday night and the desire to order a chicken fillet burger and bag of chips from the local Italian takeaway is strong!!

I’ve hurt my back and even walking around is painful but after having cake for lunch (how bold, but when a friend visits me with cake, how could it resist!!) I knew I needed a lo-Syn dinner!

This is the way I cooked it, I made slight changes but it’s almost the same. Eg the recipe states chicken thighs, I used chicken breasts.
It’s also supposed to serve 4 people, but himself and my friend fought over the extra portion that was supposed to be for sandwiches for lunch today!!

Also, I still can’t work out, is cayenne pepper the same as cayenne chilli powder??? I used cayenne chilli powder and there was quite the kick so if you like less spicy just use 1 tsp.

Recipe serves
Spicy Southern “Fried” Chicken

Serves 4

1.5 syns per person

100g passata
50g tomato purée
2 tsp cayenne pepper (makes it spicy!!)
1 tsp dried mixed herbs (I used Italian herbs)
2 tsp garlic salt
Fresh ground black pepper
1 egg white
60g wholemeal bread
4 chicken breasts

For the garlic sauce:
8 tablespoons fat free fromage frais
2 cloves garlic
1/2 tsp mixed herbs

Potatoes (I prefer marks piper)

– cut the potatoes into chips, I like mine not too chunky, and I never bother to peel them!! I use an airfryer so I soak them in water for about 10 minutes then dry and spray with lo-cal spray and put on at 200 for 35 mins
– If you are using an oven, microwave them on a plate with a few tsp of water to create steam for 5 minutes then place on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper and spray, bake at 200 for 30-40 mins
For both methods, shake half way and re spray

– first blitz the bread in a processor to fine crumbs, it’s best if the bread is a bit stale or dry
– in a bowl mix the tomato purée, passata, garlic salt, herbs and black pepper
– whisk the egg white in another bowl until stiff peaks form then fold into the tomato mix
– put the breadcrumbs on a plate
– cut the chicken fillets in half lengthways and I like to butterfly the thicker pieces as well
– dip the chicken pieces into the tomato mix holding the very tip with one hand then use the other hand to sprinkle bread crumbs on, If you place the tomato covered fillet onto the plate of crumbs then sprinkle and pat down crumbs onto the side facing you, it’s a lot less messy
(I got fed up being tidy half way through and just put all the chicken into the tomato sauce and mixed it up then dunked them in breadcrumbs, the first half were a lot neater to be honest)
– place these on a baking sheet lined with greaseproof paper, spray with lo cal and bake at 200 for 25-30 mins, turn half way and re spray

– garlic sauce
– grate the garlic into the fromage frais and stir in the herbs

In the book this is served with coleslaw which would give you the superfree portion and the recipe is in the book but I just ate a bowl of grapes while cooking 🙂


2 thoughts on “Friday “Fried” Chicken

  1. now this I will be trying and although I’m back at WW going to pick up this fake away book 🙂 good look with weigh loss …. I’ve 11 & a half off in 7 weeks 🙂

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