Cauliflower – don’t knock it!

The humble cauliflower. Until recently the only way I would eat cauliflower is baked with cream and cheese!! Still my favourite dish but having tried a few different eating styles over the years, one of the tricks I’ve kept with me is using cauliflower instead of rice or mashed potato!

One of my favourite recipes is Cauliflower Pilaff from a great paleo site Clothes make the Girl
I leave out the raisins as I don’t like them and depending on how I feel that day, will half the oil used, or use low calorie spray oil.

Here are 3 recent meals I’ve made using cauliflower. I tend to make up a big batch and use it for the next couple of days.

No.1 Baked Salmon with Chilli and Lime Butter (courtesy of Supervalu! But easy to recreate!)
Served on a base of click here for recipe cauliflower pilaff that I tossed through with fresh coriander and some grilled asparagus


No.2 Fried Striploin Steak served with Garlic Butter and Cauliflower Pilaff and asparagus (again)
(The garlic butter melted into the cauliflower taking it to a whole new taste level – mmmmm)
I simply brought the steak to room temp, seasoned with salt and lots of black pepper, rubbed with some olive oil and fried 4 mins each side.
For the butter – 30g butter, grate in a clove of garlic and a sprinkle of dried mixed herbs, roll into a sausage in some greaseproof and freeze for half an hour to allow to cut into nice slices – or don’t bother and just spoon it on 🙂


No.3 Spiced Pan Fried Chicken With Garlic rice mash
For this I seasoned chicken fillets with cayenne chilli powder, salt and pepper and bashed writhing cling film to flatten slightly. Pan fried until golden and cooked through.
Meanwhile process the cauliflower until fine crumbs texture. Sauté a finely chopped onion and clove of minced garlic in a frying pan until soft and add the cauliflower. Cook until soft.
Served with some fried (in the chicken pan deglazed with some water) asparagus (notice a trend) and some garlic butter to melt into the chicken


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