Checking in!!

Hey everyone!

Been a few weeks since I’ve updated on my weightloss journey!
I’ve managed to stick to my weighing in once a week and since 1st September I’ve lost 7lbs.

It feels frustrating to loose 1lb a week each week, but looking back and it’s now 7lbs I’m delighted and I saw a weight today (11st 11lbs) that I haven’t seen in over 6 months. My goal is to keep on the same level of loss until Christmas, which will bring me to 11 stone.

I gained 1lb last week after a tough emotional weekend, my sisters 4th anniversary came around and I went out with my parents for a very indulgent meal with too much wine, hard to believe it’s 4 years since she passed away, time is going so fast!!

This morning I was down 2.5lbs. I think the fact I’m back walking after the recent foot injury has helped, I’m getting on average 2.5-3 miles each day and feeling the benefit mentally too!!

Off now to search for inspiration for pork mince for dinner but here’s a photo of me at my friends wedding 2 weeks ago, in a dress I didn’t think would ever fit me again!


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