Weekly weight and injuries

My second weekly weigh in and I’m 2lbs down. So that’s 5lbs off since my new leaf, it’s getting easier than ever to not give in to the temptation of standing up on the scales every day!!

A long way to go to get back to even the weight I was this time last year (a stone less than now!!) but I feel positive and encouraged by my new found determination.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to go to my workouts at Crossfit because I fell over during a workout 3 weeks and ended up with an avulsion fracture on my right ankle 😦
It’s been frustrating to be injured again but after 3 weeks now I’m back walking again properly (albeit very slowly and not without considerable lain) and seeing a physio but I’ve a few more weeks wait before I can work out again!

In the meantime I’ve been shopping for clothes that fit me now, that I feel good in, got my hair redone and freshened up and have been doing lots of cooking and baking with the little men.

I’l leave you today with this gorgeous recipe and helpful tutorial for a simple, easy but sooo tasty lemon and orange cake. Tutorial is by my friend, the lovley Soraya over at Coze Di Roze
Check out the site for great quality and affordable clothes, some of which are also fair trade, not to mention easy to wear and look great!

Click here for recipe:
St Clements Drizzle Cake


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