Something new…

Sometimes, something triggers a change. I needed a change.

I started Crossfit. I’ve been going twice a week for 3 weeks now and loving it while hating how hard I find it!!!realising how very, very unfit I am and puffing my way through workouts has been a struggle but I’ve found something I know I will keep going to and can’t wait to see myself getting fitter and stronger!!!


So, for a few weeks now I’ve been trying a new lifestyle, experimenting with Paleo recipes, some lo-carb, some just made up and I like them recipes!!

But basically I’ve been trying to cut out processed food. No bread, no pasta, no rice, no sweets, crisps, chocolate, etc.

It’s rough, I won’t lie, I’ve slipped, about every 2nd day a rogue half slice of toast has found it’s way to me, or some cake, I can’t resist cake, but for the most part I’m embracing the new challenge, actually it’s no longer feeling like a challenge, it’s becoming more just what I do.

I feel better, I’m sleeping better, I’m not bloated all the time. I notice when I do eat processed food the instant and negative effect it has on my body.

The paleo theory tells me no cheese, no dairy, I’m not ready to abandon cheese in my life but now I only have a little, Maybe in a salad or grated over my beloved taco fries (which I now just have with homemade garlic mayo instead of the fat free yoghurt), or in a salad, but it’s max twice a week. I use lactose free milk in my tea and coffee now.

Little changes, adding up

I plan to get back to posting again and hope to share my new cooking style, and most of what I cook can still be adapted to the SW way if that’s what you like to do!!

breakfast today
Last night we had a meal out, with red wine, a temporary relaxing of eating habits, there was breadcrumbs on my starter, and rice in my main, but I am learning to enjoy my treats and leave the guilt go, that is the hardest step, letting the guilt over food go.

Today for breakfast, usually I would hit the toast after a night out, but today I chopped lettuce and spinach, made some scrambled eggs with a little butter, fried up some left over chilli until crisp and topped with some rough guacamole.



6 thoughts on “Something new…

  1. That looks delicious! I would be very interested to hear about your adapted paleo/ low carb way off life as I have fallen out of sw ways had a v bad summer and need a change to give me a boost! Good luck

    • Hope I will inspire you Nicola 🙂 I’m sineadz on Instagram lots of food pictures there from last few weeks as haven’t been in habit of blogging for a while, life took over a little bit! It’s a new season now so a new start 😉

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