Chicken – 3 Ways

Not cooking 3 meals at mealtimes is being stretched a little bit lately!

Cue Sunday dinner, himself had requested chicken with black pudding stuffing on “cheat day” the previous day but we ended up out instead!
So on Sunday I had to come up with something else, using chicken and black pudding!

Since he is following The Pain in my backside diet I came up with black pudding fried up with mushrooms, onion and garlic for him and stuffed flattened chicken fillets – verdict – more of the same please!!


For myself: a recreation of a meal I had in a carvery recently, but Slimming World altered.
Flattened chicken fillet, stuffed with fried onion and bacon pieces, and low low mature chedder with black pepper spread.
I had no breadcrumbs or smash powder so I improvises with couscous, and then realised when I was eating it that I should have soaked it before using it as a coating!

Verdict- delish, will make again, the filling was so good and would work with plain low fat cheese spread too


And for the little people? Chicken nuggets of course – no.1 told me that “these crunchy nuggets are just the best” oops, poor child, raw roast couscous, lesson learned!


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