Juice “Diet” Day 2….

First things first. Weigh myself. At 7.30am. After the loo, with no clothes on. Down 1lb since yesterday. Excellent. Only a million left to go.

Cycle to school with the kid. I feel so amazing and empowered by my 1lb loss that I even add an extra cycle on after the drop off. Feel amazing. Fabulous.

9.00am. Have sunrise orange/carrot juice.

10.00am. Starving. But Have been online all morning sorting out new website (check it out http://www.elegantflowers.ie)

11.00am. Get a text, passport applications for kids are missing vital things, namely my own passport, and No.1’s birthcert. I need to go to the Passport office 45 mins away today

Continue to work away, facebook, twitter and website are very effective at distracting me from the hunger.

I intend to have soup at lunch with friend and be super good and strong.

1.45pm. In cafe.

Waitress: What will you have

Me: I’l have the soup

Waitress: do you want bread with that?

Me: no thank you, just the soup

Waitress: If you get a wrap or sandwich and spend €6.95 the kid (No.2) eats free

Me: Ok, i’l have a BLT

So I ate the BLT (but no crusts) and 5 of the kids fries and decide that’s the only meal I’l have today, I will remain strong and positive for the rest of the day. They forgot to give me my soup. I ask for it when I pay and take it in a carton.

3.30pm. Went to SW Class to distract myself. I hadn’t been in 2 weeks as was away last week with the husband. I was down 1lb. Hurrah!

5.30pm Cook dinner for the kids. Chicken curry and rice is requested. God this is torture.

6.00pm Feed the kids. Have my evening juice, the beetroot one, it’s ok if I have LOADS of ice in it.

8.00pm. Feel miserable, tired and cold. I have the soup I didn’t have at lunch and feel better.

10.00pm. In bed, wrecked, head hits pillow and out. I better be thinner tomorrow.

Did I mention we launched our new website? It’s http://www.elegantflowers.ie

Also started a blog there yesterday, first entry is up 🙂

Feel free to like us on Facebook too!! https://www.facebook.com/ElegantFlowersDublin?ref=hl

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