Juice Diet Day 1 – Done……sort of

Ok. I am writing this entry on what is day 2 of my 3 day detox with Tonic Juices.

It’s going to be longer than 3 days at the rate i’m going, which is not to plan, lets say!

Tuesday Morning, Day 1.

9am. I have the Sunrise Juice. It’s nice, bit carrotty but hey, i’m on track, i’m on plan and I am DOING this!! This is after the school cycle and back. I’ve had my hot water and lemon. I am on FIRE!

11am. I am STARVING

12pm. Juice time. Green Stuff. It’s ok, I’m not mad about it but it’s not tasting as gross as it looks.

1pm. Starving

1.30pm. prepare pesto pasta for toddler. This is torture. Pasta has never looked so good. I’l just take one bit to make sure it’s cooked ok. The 20th piece tasted about right.

2.30pm. cannot.stop.thinking.about.food

3.30pm. Starving. Almost ready to go look in cupboards, considering making soup.

4pm. Reaching for the afternoon green juice. Friend texts me. I’ve told her i’m detoxing after crazy week last week, I didn’t mention what kind.

Friend: “lets do dinner, one last blow out”

Me, immediate reply “ok, dont’ tell husband, i’m meant to be detoxing”

Friend: “Our Secret”

So I Skipped the 4pm and the dinner juice.

6pm. Go upstairs to get out of tracksuit bottoms i’ve been lazing about in all day to get changed. Lie on bed for 20 seconds, wake up 30 minutes later. Feel WRECKED

7pm. Collect Friend. Go to restaurant.

I went out for dinner. The Shame. I had chicken liver Pate and 2 slices of toast and started to feel full….weird!! I ordered a grilled chicken fillet with lemon, and it came with a side salad and I ordered veggies as a side instead of chips (amazing or what!)

I managed less than half of it. Literally could not eat another mouthful. Had a pain in my stomach. Finished with a cup of green tea and rolled home.

Came clean to husband, admitted to chicken and salad, didn’t mention the pate!

I have been drinking water all day, every time I feel hungry I drink water. Whats strange is I still feel dehydrated, my lips are dry. I bring a herbal tea to bed.

Went to bed at 10 and read for a while, fell asleep really quickly it seemed but woke up with sweats a few times during the night!

Weigh in Check this morning: Down 1lb

Back tomorrow with Day 2’s Diary (confession)

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