Weigh In No. something or other….

Hello readers,

I’ve had a tough few months and coming out the other side of it, too much wine and comfort food later with an overall GAIN of 10lbs since November!

I think my head got back into the Slimming World frame of mind last week at class and I left determined to stay on track. I can home and made Taco Chips Sw Style and had 2 dark mint chocolates after as a treat and stayed within my syns for the day, under actually, at 10.

I have 2 lovely recipes coming up that I’ve made this weekend and I’m remembering how much I love to try out new things, experiment, and can still stay on track!

And I’ve had NO wine for 6 days- might not seem like a long time, but with recent times I’ve been drinking 2 or more glasses every night – not a good habit at all.

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