First Class of 2014

Well, I bit the bullet, won the row with my inner lazy self and went to class today to face the Christmas food music. I attended the class in the Spawell in Tallaght today.

Stood on the scales, after removing coat, shoes, cardigan, scarf and earrings and closed my eyes.

Up 1lb!! Well I was delighted!!
I was pretty sick over the weekend with a stomach flu so that may have swayed the scales but hey! 3 weeks of indulgence and the little food conscience on my shoulder must have had more effect than I realised.

Tonight’s dinner was turkey curry! I ended up cooking an 18lb bird for myself, himself and the 2 juniors, 1 of which had weetabix for Christmas dinner so you can imagine the amount of leftovers!!

Here’s how I made the curry tonight and it was gorgeous!

Sinead’s Turkey Curry

1 red onion chopped
1 red (bell) pepper, sliced
2 tablespoons tikka curry powder (or your choice)
1 teaspoon each ground cumin, coriander and turmeric
150mls homemade gravy (this is optional, I had it frozen in small batches, just use a cube or a Knorr gravy pot)
Enough shredded turkey meat for 4 portions (I used white and darker meat)
1/2 jar passata

– sauté the onion and pepper for a few mins then add the spices and fry to release the flavours
– add the gravy (or stock) and passata
– stir in the meat and simmer for 10-15 mins.


3 thoughts on “First Class of 2014

  1. It was nice to see you back with us Sinead 🙂

    That turkey curry looks fab. Just finishing dinner and then going to have some of the weetabix muffins for dessert 🙂


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