Happy New Year!!

Hope everyone had a lovely good filled Christmas! I threw diets and healthy eating to the wind and enjoyed every bit of it, the cooking and drinking and eating! I did the Christmas dinner myself this year for my little family – full Turkey and all and it went perfect and was a lovely day!
Today is New Year’s Day and personally I think Wednesday is a bad day to be thinking about a diet – especially when one has a head cold 🙂

My New Years resolution is to try to relax about dieting and just enjoy food, love myself, eat well and healthily and do some more exercise and the rest will follow!

I’l leave you with this final note – last night himself and myself went for a (gorgoeus as always) meal to The Lovely Food Co. and as we were leaving I asked Margaret for a little of their delish sourdough loaf to bring home, oh, and some butter as I had used the last of ours baking with no.1 yesterday and wasn’t sure if the shop would be open today!
I left armed with a full baguette and half a pound of “real” butter – and I was a happy bunny this morning for breakfast!!


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