Ham & Egg “Wrap”


I was flicking through one of the Slimming World cookbooks yesterday looking for lunch and breakfast inspiration and came across a ham and egg roll, which inspired me for breakfast this morning!

I wanted to keep my healthy b option for Ryvita and banana (and Nutella ssssshhh) later for supper so I needed something filling but super tasty, because if I’m not enjoying it it’s not worth it!

You will need (for 1 portion)
1 medium egg, plus one egg white, beaten with a little salt and pepper
Some rocket or other leaves
2 slices lean ham
Half a tomato, sliced
1 tablespoon chutney of your choice (1.5 syns)


– in a frying pan, sprayed with a little oil (or low cal cooking spray) heat to medium then pour in the beaten egg, swirl around to make a thin layer then fry and turn when one side is cooked.
– remove to a plate


– increase the heat and fry the ham until crisp if you like!
– spread the chutney over the middle of the wrap (or relish if you have any, or mayo!) top with rocket, tomato, ham and roll up


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