Knock knock….

Been over 4 months since I posted I think, had some illness to deal with and a stint with low carbing and paleo eating, which worked, while I was being supervised by my husband!! But after realising I was binge eating carbs in secret I decided enough was enough! Back to healthy eating for me including fruit!!! How I missed fruit!!

Today is the first day back on track for me and with a weight gain of 8-10lbs (the scales are unsure after a very very heavy weekend!!!) I’m determined to be back to where I was before I fell off the wagon by Christmas! I think I will take some Paleo lessons with me and keep the processed food to a minimum! (Except muller lift Greek style lemon yoghurts – good enough to be dessert!!)

Melon for breakfast today – I had forgotten how gorgeous melon is- I’ve missed fruit!!

I made my Taco Fries last night and remembered all over again how delicious they are – getting back on track shouldn’t be too hard 🙂


5 thoughts on “Knock knock….

  1. Sinead,my dear! I have been wondering about you.I have had so much going on but I was going to seek you out.I am sorry that you had not been well…I \cannot imagine not eating fruit! (How can THAT be healthy?). Anyway.It is good to see you again!

  2. Is Paleo the not eating fruit or Dukan? I have heard Paleo is great (eating clean) but difficult to stick at. Nice to have you back. I enjoy your recipes.

    • You can eat fruit with paleo. My husband is following slow carb/4 hour diet and I tried that and a lot of paleo recipes really suit it but I just found it all so restrictive. I will probably keep some elements though and try to keep processed food as low as I can.

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