Weigh in 33-35

I’ve a few to catch up on! My last weight entry was written while on holidays at home in Donegal, I gained 2lbs the week after that! Then lost 1.5 and today weighed in and lost one, so back to where I was before all the recent gains!

I’ve joined a gym (gasp!!) I’ve finally been cleared to do aerobic exercise on treadmill so since last week I’ve been going to the gym and doing a brisk walk, 2 x 2 minute very slow jogs, some physio work in the pool and a long soak in the jacuzzi as a reward!!

I find I’m coming home absolutely ravenous and my latest snack of choice is crackerbread topped with extra light mayo, Wafer thin turkey and sliced vine cherry tomatoes!

Today was very rushed with meetings (I’m back at work!!) and I missed lunch so I brought a tub of pasta salad with cherry tomatoes to munch on while waiting for “image therapy” to start – best idea I’ve ever had!!!

I’m working on perfecting a sw version of key lime pie last week and this and I nearly have it!! I have the topping down to zero!! Syns but working on a base that is sufficiently chocolatey – watch this space!

Sinead x

A snap from our “summer holiday” visit to the beach!! This was a week before the blissful heat wave we had!


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