Anyone for Cake?

Inspired by THIS post on one of my favourite blogs, I decided to post some of my recent baking creations 🙂

First up is Junior 2’s 1st birthday cake – vanilla sponge filled with fresh strawberries and cream and iced with white chocolate ganache, fresh cream, Milky Way magic stars, chocolate fingers and Oreo cookies! I got a tiny bit carried away with the edible silver balls!


Next up is my Easter Cake. We had family over for tea and cake for Easter and this was also a trial run for chocolate biscuit cake for a birthday party the following week that I’d been asked to do a cake for.
So this cake is chocolate biscuit cake I used the Odlums chocolate biscuit cake recipe but left out the fruit and added mini marshmallows and maltesers!
The cake was then covered in a thin layer of buttercream and decorated with white chocolate fingers, the centre filled with Cadbury Mini Eggs an finished with some fluffy Spring Sheep my nana gave me!


No.3 is the “Malteser Explosion Cake”. It is 2 layers of chocolate biscuit cake (this time I use dark cooking chocolate and it gave a lovely fudge like texture to the cake!) decorated with A LOT of chocolate fingers, maltesers and white chocolate buttons, with maltesers on wires “exploding” from the top. To say it went down well at the party was putting it mildly!


No.4 was a cake I made for my dear friend over at Domestic Engineer who invited myself and himself and the boys to a gathering for her birthday. Anna is my go-to for cake advice but I told her I was making her cake today!
The recipe I used is this one and it is the easiest and nicest chocolate cake I’ve ever made!!
I decided though, when it was cooling that it wasn’t high enough so I sent himself to the shop for a fresh cream and chocolate Swiss roll, sliced it up and used it to fill the cake along with some raspberry Jam spread on each side of the sponges! I will actually do this again even though it happened by accident as it was soooo good!!
The ganache was very easy to make and I decorated it with fresh flowers that I stuck into fondant as a makeshift (and food safe) piece of floral oasis!


Last but not least – Junior 1’s 5th birthday cake – Batman themed!
Chocolate cake again same as above, finished with ganache beneath yellow fondant icing with batman symbol and buildings cut from black fondant- he was ecstatic with it and it was yummy!!


5 thoughts on “Anyone for Cake?

  1. I’m sorry it took me so long to get here,Sinead.You did a wonderful job on all of these; they look so cute and so very edible …and how is that baby over a year old already???

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