Smash Potato “Bread”

Hands up who likes potato bread? I do, I really do 🙂

Also known as Potato Farls, potato cakes, Tattie Scones if your Scottish, not as it is sold (according to Wikipedia) in America as actual bread with potato added, what I consider to be Potato Bread or Cakes is either homemade with leftover mashed potato and flour, shaped into small cakes and shallow fried to serve along with bacon and eggs!! Or the lazy version – get em in the shop they are thin and fluffy and highly processed but perfect with the Sunday fry-up!

As I’m (trying to) follow Slimming World, using leftover mash with flour was going to mean counting syns for the flour and so I came across a box of Smash Instant Potato Powder in the cupboard and thought – Experiment!!!

It couldn’t be simpler
– add 120g (ish) of instant potato powder to a bowl and pour in 300-350ml boiling water (again, approximate)
-Mix it up until the mix resembles a stiff potato “dough”
– turn the dough out onto a sheet of grease proof paper and using the back of a spoon (or your hands if cool enough to handle) flatten into a rough round about 1cm thick then cut into wedges.
– heat a pan with lo-cal spray oil and fry on both sides until crisp and golden (or use olive oil and butter if you are not counting calories!!
– serve with a tasty “fry”, today I had poached eggs, baked beans, grilled bacon and grilled tomatoes.

(Makes enough for 4 people)
Smash powder is “Free” on Extra Easy and when eaten as part of a meal, this is not considered a “tweak” according to my sw consultant.


3 thoughts on “Smash Potato “Bread”

  1. Yes, in America, potato bread is loaf bread made with potatoes.It’s good! I buy potato rolls (like hamburger buns) which are good enough to eat alone, or I make potato bread sometimes in my bread machine.I use instant mashed potatoes,(flakes) and also use water that potatoes have been boiled in for extra potato-ness.
    I make potato pancakes from left over mashed potatoes,(with a little egg, chives and parsley), and fry them, but I will truly have to try you pan bread!

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