Weigh in 31 and 32

Last week was my last weigh in while in “the boot”. I was up 1lb. That was ok with me though I’d had a bold weekend with too many treats and takeaways and some wine too!!

This week I went to class while at home in Donegal on our family holiday and was delighted to be down 1/2 pound! Considering I’d had a small 99 icecream just an hour before going to class I was delighted!!

It’s great to be at this stage of my “foot journey” and while I’m still tender and sore and have a lot of physio work ahead the consultant has discharge me he is very happy with my recovery!

Last week I did a date night dinner for myself and himself. After standing taking the skin off chicken wings for nearly an hour – my god what a chore!!! I discovered later that it is possible to buy skinless wings in tesco so I will be looking them out because as tedious as the job was – it was totally worth it they were delish!! I hate when I get wings and the skin is in anyway soggy or not totally dried up anyway!!

I used Franks Hot Sauce after cooking them in the actifryer and they were spicy and crisp and best of all – syn free!!

I also made the chicken liver parfait from the new Slimming World book for entertaining and it is fabulous!! I halved the recipe and left out the brandy and it was so, so good!! I served it with whole meal Melba toasts I made myself but it would be equally good on cracker breads. I made the red onion marmalade to go with it and wasn’t sure at the end to keep the onions or the liquid…so I blended them together and it became a delicious relish!!

The fries were inspired by the lovely rosemary fries at GBK restaurants- again using actifryer, spray oil, fresh rosemary and sea salt – very more ish!
The garlic dip is fat free natural yoghurt with garlic – simple and yum!!

Served with some fresh vine cherry tomatoes and some rocket – a syn free feast that was impressive and delicious and worth the effort.

Now, if only someone could invent a syn free wine 😉


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