Weigh in 28 and 29


I forgot to update last week, I was up 1.5lbs, I’m surprised it wasn’t worse after a celebratory week of cakes, and more cakes! Junior 2 was the big 1 year old last week and we had 2 parties! The first, a cupcake class for 4 of Junior 1’s friends and cake of course (will blog about the cakes again), then a family gathering on saturday with more goodies and more cake of course!! And THEN a party for a friend this weekend with you guessed it, more cake. I love cake.

Today, feeling slightly delicate after seeing a band last night and having a cider or two too many, I wasn’t feeling like cooking so I decided to try this packet of Knorr Pastaria Pasta Bolognese. At 4.5 syns for the entire package, which is supposed to serve 2 (I ate it all) it is worth every syn and really tasty. I’m not a fan of the “mugshot” thingies, I think they taste fake and bland but I have to say – this is lovely and I will get a couple to have in the press for emergencies.



Last week, I had my first adventure with Quorn Mince. I’ve never even tasted it, never mind cooking with it before! I can report that my first foray was sucessful, I made a rich red wine sauce, with onion, pepper, a grated carrot, onion, rosemary, thyme, 2 glasses of red wine, well reduced and some passatta. I added the quorn, simmered for 10 mins and stirred it into spaghetti and topped with parmesan. Hubbie ate every scrap and was astonished when I told him what he had eaten – he didn’t notice it wasn’t mince! I will absolutely use this again to try and have a few more “meat free” dinners during the week.




A little while ago, I blogged a review of Glad Ziplock Steam Bags. I have been using them very regularly, my favourite use being corn on the cob, with a little butter, chilli and oregano in the bag with the corn – delish!

However, on a rainy day recently, a movie was called for and Junior 1 asked (demanded) popcorn! I read somewhere that you can pop kernals in a brown paper bag, I had no brown paper bag, but I did have a stash of the Steam Bags so we had an experiment. Junior thought it was hilarious watching the corn popping and it turned out to work very well, I put in a tablespoon of butter (naughty) and added salt after (even bolder). Delish and the perfect amount for us to share too!

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