Tuna Salad and Baked Potato


Yesterday, I decided to have a Baked Potato.

I love potatoes, I like them with lots of different toppings I like them mashed, baked, chipped, in potato cakes, I especially like Twice Baked Pototoes with ham and sweetcorn, and potato skins with bacon and cheese, or chilli.

But yesterday, I decided to be fancy and have a salad topping.

I spent ages, ages, finely chopping some red onion, a little bit of red pepper, some cherry tomatoes – it’s very laborious, chopping cherry tomatoes…..I added some rocket, black pepper, opened a can of crab meat, decided it looked lovely and needed more…

half way through opening the 2nd can of crabmeat (by the way, i’m also making lunch for himself here, not 2 cans of crabmeat all for myself!!) …I happened to look at the base of the can and realise the BBE was August 2012!!!!!

Now, i’m lenient enough with BBE dates at the best of times, but 8 months? hmmm, I decided to smell it, smelled ok, decided to taste a little, it tasted like sawdust, but it was going to at that stage when I knew the BBE date!

Sadly, I had already mixed in the first can to the salad so all my dainty choppping had to go in the bin, I offered the dog the 2nd can of crabmeat, she declined.

So, I started chopping again, less slowly this time, less neatly, quite crossly, I added some spinach to the mix and a can of tuna, 3 tablespoons Extra Light Mayo (i’m convincing myself it’s as good as the real thing) and divided the whole lot up over 2 baked (in the microwave) spuds.

It was delish, really delish, i’m converted to salad and potato. Of course the spuds were Maris Pipers which in my humble opinion are the most tastiest of all.

From a SW point of View – this meal was 1 syn, for the extra light mayo, which is actually quite nice (when you don’t have the real stuff beside it to compare to!)

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