Weigh in 27

So, back to class today after 2 weeks off to face the scales and the inevitable gain that 2 weeks off will bring!

Well I was astonished!! Only 1/2 pound up!!! All that working in the first week and all the walking around London and dancing in bars must have helped prevent disaster!

I did come home on Monday morning, I straight to the supermarket and stock up on fresh veg and fruit and the butchers for lean meat and have been almost angelic since!

I am retiring for the evening now with my food diary (notebook), slimming world book and the new Cookbook ” “A Taste


One thought on “Weigh in 27

  1. Sinead,I have been reading articles (and can tell you from experience), that your body adjusts to caloric usage…the less you eat, the more your body will tend to conserve and the more you exercise the more your body becomes accustomed to the calorie usage also slows down. Losing weight is tricky. But as long as you try to stay healthy, you are on the right track!

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