Weigh in 25

I skipped last week.
After a Hen Weekend and taking a few days off to recover, I couldn’t face the class knowing I would be up, not a terribly healthy attitude, I know, but I was feeling low anyway and being up would have finished me off!
So Wednesday last week should have been weigh in day, I had one last off day and gave myself a talking to and for back on track on Thursday.

It paid off because I was down 1/2 pound yesterday!! Not much, but enough to be in the right direction and re-focus me. I stayed to class and left feeling motivated again.

My BMI is still too high so I’ve a ways to go but I’m getting there! Now it’s lent I’ve decided to give up chocolate, and try to increase my exercise (I managed a 40 minute walk on Tuesday, the longest I’ve managed since breaking my foot last July!!)


I’m off now to visit a friend with a new baby boy, can’t wait for a newborn cuddle! I’ve made a batch of Scones and will be treating myself to one or two!!


2 thoughts on “Weigh in 25

  1. Well, good for you,Sinead…and best wishes for your friend and baby!
    We don’t have ‘Hen Week” here; I only heard of it a couple of years ago.What a wonderful idea.I wish that was one of the traditions brought over…alas…!

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