Weigh in 24 & Ziplock Steam Bag Review

So weigh class yesterday. I’m having an internal battle with how I feel about the class set up, lately it’s been queuing for ages to pay, queuing again to get weighed, So many people…although I suspect it’s more to to with my current mood than the actual class, but I’m working on that!

Anyway the good news is I was down 2lbs!

I’ve realised that since October I’ve only lost 5lbs, through gaining 1, loosing 1 or 2..yesterday was a breakthrough the 5lbs to a “new” weight so hopefully the start of a downward streak!!


I promised a review of these Glad Ziplock and Steam Bags. I’ve been asked (by more than 1 person!) why not just use a bowl with a lid – very true! However, these are my new favourite cooking aid! So far I’ve cooked baby potatoes, brocolli and asparagus and as pictured above, cabbage and asparagus! Perfect results each time and no water needed, no bowls with lids needed just pop the veg in, microwave for a couple of minutes and perfect results!

Pictures above the bag is full to the brim with 2 sweetheart cabbages chopped, and a small pack of asparagus tips…I also added a tablespoon of butter and some salt and pepper


4 minutes later.. Volume has gone down considerably and the cabbage and asparagus are cooked perfectly – slight bite but softened and very tasty!


At almost €4 for 10 bags, il be watching out for deals and in the meantime – even though it dosen’t say on the box, I’ve rinsed and re-used them twice before discarding!

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