Weigh in 22 & 23

I’ve just realised I forgot to write up last week’s weight in!

I was 1.5lbs down 🙂 bringing the loss this year (as in, since January 1st) to 4lbs, therefore ridding the Christmas indulgence weight gain!

Today, I knew it was going to be bad, I had a horrendous week last week, very bad news, a very difficult funeral and then after funeral, on the same day, a christening with lunch out, and too much wine!
On Sunday we had a family meal out as my brother moved to Scotland on Monday!
I didn’t even try to be good I have to admit and so I was up 1lbs today, really I deserved more!

I saw these today in the supermarket And bought a pack to try – I think they will be super handy for salmon, vegetables, etc. I may even start freezing vegetables chopped In portions in them to just throw into the microwave for a quick side dish…or baby potatoes with herbs…..endless possibilities!


5 thoughts on “Weigh in 22 & 23

  1. I’m sure you’re doing fine,Sinead! I have not tried those bags but they look like they would work perfectly for what you have in mind.
    I wish your brother well, (although I hate to see anyone else leave Ireland).

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