Mushrooms and Me


20130114-110523.jpgI don’t like mushrooms. Never have, to my memory…my mother swears that I did as a child, she said I used to eat them raw as she was chopping them! I don’t believe this for a minute! Apparantly my aunt who is 10 years older than me said she didn’t like them when I was at dinner in my Gran’s house and I decided that day I didn’t like them either. I don’t remember this at all. I have spent all my life hating them, picking them out of meals, gagging if one managed to hide on my fork and make it’s way into my mouth by mistake!




In recent years however, I have gotten to like Stroganoff, I still won’t eat the mushrooms, but I love the flavour! I have gotten braver recently, I now grate mushrooms into Bolonaise, as I do like the earthy flavour it gives the sauce. I wouldn’t however, eat mushroom soup if you paid me….well, maybe if you paid me a LOT of money!!

Bizarrely, I love to peel mushrooms, I find it so relaxing, I know that’s probably strange, some people don’t even peel mushrooms.


I decided yesterday it was time to take a step up from grating, and use the mandolin slicer on the box grater. I was making Bourguignon  (again) and the recipe calls for mushrooms. I figured with the long slow cook, the slices may disintegrate or disappear. I think it’s the texture I don’t like of a big piece of mushroom.

Now you see them…..20130114-110539.jpg

Now you don’t..sort of…20130114-110546.jpg

The end result! I ate every bit, slices and all, couldn’t really see them and the few I did spot I took a deep breath and ate, and I didn’t gag or nearly pass out or die of mushroom poisoning….I’m getting there, I may soon be able to eat out and not tell the waiter i’m “allergic” to mushrooms.


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