Hello to all!

I will start by wishing a Happy New Year and hope you had a lovely Christmas.

This year has been one of our nicest holiday seasons in a log time. The pure joy and excitement of my 4.5 year old son made the magic come alive for us again after a few tough years.

I’ve enjoyed all the Christmas over eating and drinking immensely and it is continuing until the New Year’s Day when good intentions will kick in again!

We had some nice occasions this week, my mother turned 50, and I hosted a surprise party in my house.
With little time to prepare I bought a fresh cream cake from the bakery and re-covered it with fresh cream and piped happy birthday with writing icing! We ate cheeses, pâté, homemade brown bread, anti pasti, cocktail sausages and chicken Goujons, crisps and dips!

Yesterday we had a big family meal for my Nana’s 80th birthday! My aunt made the main courses and we had a choice of Thai Green Chicken Curry or Lasagne. I made the cake!
I had some trouble trying to find a recipe to suit my 10 inch springform tin so I improvised and used it for a thinner cake and an 8 inch sandwich tin – they ended up being equal height and I made the cake into a two-tier gateaux and got carried away with the pink decorations 🙂
I will post the recipe below, the same one I have always followed for sponge and vanilla cupcakes and never let’s me down!

Today we have our youngest son’s christening, my aunt is making and icing the celebration cake and I’m posting this entry from under a dryer at the salon! I will post a picture of the cake tomorrow!

Happy New Year x

Vanilla Sponge

the quantities used here are for a 10inch sandwich and an 8 inch sandwich tin

6 medium free range eggs
375g self raising flour
375g castor sugar
375g butter, softened at room temperature
2 tsp vanilla extract
1.5 tsp baking powder

– preheat oven to 180, line base of tins with parchment and grease sides
– cream butter and sugar together until very soft and fluffy
– add 2 eggs and gently beat, sieve flour with baking powder and add 1/3 of it
– add vanilla and 2 more eggs, beat gently. Add another 1/3 flour and beat gently: repeat until all eggs and flour used..it’s important not to over beat at this stage to keep the cake light
– pour just over Half into the 10 inch tin and the remainder into the 8 inch tin
– bake for 25 mins and check, remove 8 inch tin and cook larger tin for another 15 mins. (To check, insert skewer on centre if it comes out clean the cakes are done)
– cool in tin for 5 mins then remove upside down to wire rack and cool compleltely
– this makes a basic Victoria sponge you can decorate as you please I did the following to create a Strawberry Gataeux

– cut each cake in half through middle, you now have 4 layers
– place bottom (large) layer on plate, spread with strawberry jam, fresh whipped cream and thinly sliced strawberries
– reapeat for each layer then coat entire cake with cream and have fun decorating 🙂


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