Jingle All The Way

HoHoHo it’s December!! Yay!!

Apologies for being AWOL for a little while, one dose after another left me wiped and grumpy!

I took a little SW break and fell back in love with My Fitness Pal and have been dilligently logging calories…….most days!!

I have also fallen back in love with crafting and I was given a sewing machine by my dear friend Anna to get me started into sewing! I have been knitting again for about a year and enjoy it even though I’m still fairly slow and have to concentrate on every stitch!!

It being the festive period, my first challenge, set 2 weeks ago, and completed today, was 5 cushion covers with Christmas fabric for our suite.



The first was challenging…then they got a little easier each time as I got to grips with the workings of the machine! Each cushion has a contrasting pattern on the back.


I also made, as I do every year, a wreath for the front of our house (yes, it is on my window and not the door!!) I’m a qualified florist and have enjoyed filling a few small Christmas requests after a year off!


Finally for today and totally stealing the post idea from Gill
Here’s our (real) tree this year, very happy with it I must admit, just finished 20 minutes ago with lots of help from Jnr.1 earlier and lots of rearranging by me later!


6 thoughts on “Jingle All The Way

    • Can’t beat a real tree, we had artificial last year as I was pregnant and couldn’t handle the smell of a real one haha love it…won’t love the mess when it starts dropping but I don’t mind! It was really fun going to pick it out with Jnr.1

  1. I had every intention of doing pillow covers for Christmas here, too…it will have to wait until next year! Things look nice your way.How’s your weather? It was far too warm here; now it’s cold and rainy.

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