1/2 Syn Cake

This post is inspired by the 1/2 cake recipe posted by Gill at slimmingmum

1/2 Syn Cake.

My friend invited me to her place for dinner tonight. We are both following Slimming World and love to talk about (and eat) lots of lovely slimming world recipes.

So, we had a delicious free pasta dish for our main, with smoked bacon, onion, passatta, pepper and chilli, served with brocolli and cauliflower on the side to boost the super free.

S had told me she planned to make the 1/2 roulade cake. She had made it before and loved it..I will admit it, I was doubtful.

Roulade to me means cake or meringue rolled around too much fresh whipped cream and fruit and more cream on top, maybe a broken up flake sprinkled on top (and i’d have eaten all the pieces that were “too big”….this concoction of mere eggs and this strange quark stuff…I imagined scrambled egg like mush rolled up with yoghurt, I wondered how I would hide how much I disliked it and be polite and not upset my friend who had gone to so much effort.

She handed me the (quite alright looking) roulade that had been spread with a little sugar free strawberry Jam, filled a blend of quark and strawberry muller light and sliced fresh strawberries, with juicy blackberries on the side. I took a small spoon, put on my best brave face and tasted it…..

…and it was delicious!! I couldn’t believe how cake-like it tasted, and so light, and the filling was Delish and the fruit just worked! I cleared the whole slice and took some home for tomorrow…

..and I didn’t even miss the flake 🙂

5 thoughts on “1/2 Syn Cake

  1. Yay! So glad you liked it! Its not quite a cake subsitute but comes near enough for me…sometimes if you want a 2 1/2 syn version put a white chocolate options in quark and spread that through! mmmmmm

  2. OK! We both say we speak English, but Irish/English and American/English call the same things entirely different words!
    I had no idea what ‘muller’ was; from what I looked up,it’s yogurt.(We leave out the ‘h’!)
    Nor have I run across ‘quark’;I will be looking for it.
    You sound like you are having fun! I might be off for about a week while family is here , don’t go thinking that I would be gnoring you!

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