Weigh in 18

I hoped at best 1lb of and get my 1st official stone….at worst, stay the same, I was 1.5lb UP!!

I nearly cried, in fact I’m pretty sure tears were produced I just wouldn’t let them escape, I poured boiling water into my travel mug (I had come prepared with my favourite instant coffee and skim milk!!) and sat down and stuffed a peanut HiFi bar in my gob as quickly as I could, I was starving, having sensibly not eaten since breakfast in hopes it would help weight loss at the scales.

Ridiculous to be so badly affected by seeing a small weight gain, in truth I hadn’t been exactly strict with my syn Watching and with it being “that time” of the month due, I should have just said “ah well” and got on with it.

Instead I wallowed, came home still in the temper and ate 3 fun size milky ways while grabbing the ingredients from the fridge while muttering to myself, ready to make Paella (recipe to follow) for dinner.

Midway through cooking the (delicious) syn free an veggie packed paella I was feeling calmer and very virtuous about this healthy meal I was going to eat for dinner and freeze portions of for later in the week…..

…then my husband reminded me we had a dinner date, in a restaurant….

So I started AGAIN this morning!!!

And had paella for lunch 🙂

5 thoughts on “Weigh in 18

    • I enjoyed my meal out with hubby immensely and didn’t even think about the calories, especially not in the pavlova with whipped cream and berry compote. I need to remind myself that a small gain is not the end of the world. Thanks Tonette x

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