Weigh in 17

This week I spent the week at home in Donegal with my parents and my 2 sons while my husband was away.

It was going to be a bit of a tough few days as my beloved sister, who passed away 2 years ago, would have been celebrating her 28th birthday this week.

However, as my mother also follows Slimming World (and has just gotten to 1.5 stone weight loss!!) I was kept reasonably on track and at weigh in was down 1.5lbs!! Delighted 🙂 it meant that I could enjoy a meal out with my parents and brother on my sister’s birthday without guilt!!

Starting a new week tomorrow, apart from the meal out on Thursday I’ve been reasonably good since and tonight had a delicious roast chicken dinner with roast carrot and parsnips, a roast potato and sugar snap peas, with my husband and having a glass of red wine as a treat. Home comforts at its best!


2 thoughts on “Weigh in 17

  1. I am sorry for the loss of your sister,(God love her). I am glad things are going well.I have been VERY tied-up, or I would have gotten to you sooner.I hope you and your mother continue to feel good as you try to look good(better; you already LOOK GOOD!)

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