Emotional Eating

Two days ago, I got a call from the physiotherapist to say that the custom made orthopaedic insoles were ready to be fitted and to come in the next day (which was yesterday evening).
I got myself all excited – no more Aircast- also known as moon boot in this house!! I departed, new sketchers trainers in their box ready to be walking out of that hospital unaided.
Turns out he was just making sure they fit!! Slight progress in that the insole is in my Aircast but I am allowed to put my runners on for a little while each day, with the support insole in and walk around (only in the house), no carrying baby or lifting but just walking carefully.

No bother to me, I thought! Off I went in the physio room to show off how good I was at walking. Turns out 14 weeks in a cast meant that my leg felt dead and rubbery, I was like bambi trying to take her first steps. I wobbled and got frightened!! Back in the boot. Even though I’ve been weight bearing for 3 weeks my leg is still completely weak and it will need a lot of work to get it back up to strength.

So, I left the hospital in foul humour. I stopped into the Dundrum shopping centre, hubbie needed finishing bits for his costume at Halloween and I picked up 2 cute costumes for the kids….and then I went into the Marks and Spencer FoodHall.

Oh dear me, it was so difficult to resist everything. I wanted pizza, and chips, and creamy pasta, and creamy mash followed by fresh cream cakes…in the end I got a beef roasting joint “dine in for 2 meal” for tomorrow for myself and a friend and picked up a “count on us” chocolate muffin dessert – worth every single bit of the 7.5 syns – yum! I also bought some fresh pasta, which is 2 syns per 100g, I know I could have cooked some dried and it would have been free, but I fancied the nice fresh stuff!

I stayed strong, came home and cooked carbonara (SW style) and had a diet coke while doing so to keep the sugar craving at bay!! I also snacked on some sweet cherry tomatoes while

I sat stuffed and content, bad humour gone, boosted by my staying strong and not giving into the need to eat crap because I was feeling crap!!

Recipe can be viewed here Colourful Carbonara


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