Weigh In 15

Yesterday I had my first weigh in at class since rejoining, I was down 1lb!! Delighted as it sees me entering the “11 stone something” range! 11st 13 to be precise, bringing my total loss since joining Slimming World to 12lbs.

I felt I could have been better over the weekend, had a meal out on Sunday with a few too many drinks and I wasn’t as strict at keeping count of syns as I should have been!

Had friends over last night and made Taco Fries again and they loved them, this time I added a grated carrot to the mix and it was lovely again!! Really feels like a proper pig-out meal without the added fat!! We also had some wine and my friend made amazing brownies for dessert, I didn’t even try to count the syns in dessert!!

Day 1 today of a new week and feeling motivated – I had a lovely breakfast, a “BRT” – Bacon, Rocket and Tomato- grilled smoked bacon, fat removed of course, plum tomatoes sliced and fresh green rocket, with a tablespoon extra light mayo (1 syn) and 2 slices of whole meal bread.


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